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Sorry @epicflygon and @alexx55, but neither of those are the answers.

Hint: Though it’s not a card from either of these factions, it’s best known for it’s use in either Abyssian or Magmar decks


Ephemeral shroud.




Your General gains +3 Attack. Whenever your General destroys a minion, summon a 3/3 Blazing Spine Wall on that space.

Relic, sacrifice, undone, mountains, renewed, testament, lain down(relics are destroyed)

It fits the riddle. :slight_smile:


Interesting, I was thinking of lain down as not being played and relic not as the physical interpretation, but rather as an adjective.

Though the fact that it’s a non-token minion auto-disqualifies white asp, I’m curious as to where you saw mountains in it (an asp is a snake and blazing spines are like wooden barricades)

@epicflygon, @loliconartist - Nope

(We’re at 10 guesses folks, the reveal comes at 15!)


Since he is widely used in Lilithe/Maehv and Vaath/Ragnora (even sometimes in Starhorn), while other factions that use him are Vanar (Faie and rarely Kara) and Songhai (Reva)


Regretfully no, cryptographer doesn’t match the sacrifice line.

(We’re at 11 now)


Could it be Grimes?


Nope, sorry but Grimes is in fact not the answer to this particular puzzle (I wish it were though).



White Asp spawns a Blazing Spine(mountain) on minion kill


Huh, I always thought blazing spines looked more like wooden barricades to me:



Azure horn Shaman

Azure horn sounds like a relic

a very situational play, hence why rarely used

Dying wish

Azure sounds like Sapphire, a jewel, found in mountains?

Buffs HP


Ohh, that guess would be near perfect if not for the forgettance lines (which are reference to an inherent part of the minions ability).

Seriously though, great reasoning on that! I was nearly tempted to call that an alternative answer to the riddle



Is it that everyone forgets his ability or…


Could this be Ironclad by any chance?


Nope (14)
Last Hint!: The unforgotten portion refers to a pool of some kind. :smirk: :thinking: :female_detective:



What have I done, I just used the last guess.


you didnt, i guessed it


Aaand that’s NOT THE RIGHT ANSWER (hexk, it was even preciously guessed). C

The minion this time was Keeper of the Vale!

It’s part of the core set and reached it’s peak power/noriety before the present.

References how a certain condition must occur before people would play it.

A minion should die before people would play Keeper.

Unforgotten is reference to the “minion pool” that Keeper pulls it’s summons from. Beneath mountains are valleys (vale means valley). Beneath also could’ve referenced underground which could help lead you to thinking death.

Keeper resummons dead minions, making them new again

Valleys are made via glaciers/rivers carving their way through mountains so the mountains are proven to not be invulnerable. Dead minions aren’t strong minions!


Hmm, that mountain refference was very cryptic, too cryptic even