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Strike me down
And you won’t stop the unstoppable :rofl:


Was a good show, but was also a parody of dragon ball in my opinion.


Never watched it. The only thing I know is “over9000”


Dragon Ball is basically a super slowed down version of Lagann except with martial arts and no spaceships. Also wins 1st place for anime with most filler with naruto shippuden placing 2nd.






Correct. :slight_smile:


I look large and ancient
But I am possibly not
3 turns i give you to stop me
Because after that
Spines shall be shot
Swarm shall reign supreme
And all will be done because of my help


Gate to the Undervault?


No. It has no spines


Makes me think of Gigaloth, but

Means it probably isn’t because he has only build 2.


It is gigaloth. I thought he was build 3. Sorry.


A real easy one:
I am big and strong
But looked down unto
But in a game of chess
I am very important




That was easy, it’s the mighty Rook :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Epicflygon beat me at it.



I left here and instantly realised what it was, I saw you posting so you can see it was really rushed.


Yep both are right


Take for example
the way that I rule.
Built on the backs of those odd little fools.
By the time that you dance to my tune
you will see,
I am weaker than you


btw @archer4, did anyone ever post a solution to riddle #53 on the docs?


Zenrui, the blightspawned?