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Undying rebirth (it’s called something like that)



How can you not remember that name? Don’t you play infinite sarlacs? O_o


both good guesses and i suppose the giago might work better technically

but no

not the intended answer


Fenrir Warmaster?


Could be unseven?


warmaster is the same strength as it was bafore it dies
and unseven is actually a good idea, but it can pull things even weaker than itself


Cascading rebirth?

@oranos, I’m quite sure I’m correct here :slight_smile:


I don’t even own sarlacs


Per chance, Have you heard about our Lord and Saviour Grandmaster Zendo?


Poor fellow. :disappointed_relieved:


If I had any I would use it in ramp.


If by poor you mean lacking in sin and blasphemy then yes he seems quite humble indeed.


Horror Burster? Dioltas? Jax? Jax Truesight?


well dang, people keep mentioning more fitting cards than i originally thought of when writing this

and no, nobody got it. even though they gave answers much better than the original answer.


How could it not be cascading, you demon!

I have only one guess left.

Nightmare Operant.




wat? who wrote that?

15 char


A double. Both are short. And connected.

More miracles will happen while it’s dark.

Forgotten by everyone…
The foe will feel my pain!
He’ll never see the sun again!


yeah it was nightmare operant

i was trying so hard to think of a gurren laggan quote about inspiration, but i couldnt so i defaulted to star wars