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Forum Game: Riddles


Did you even read the blurred text?


You were wrong, accept that. :kissing_heart:


It’s saurian finallty!!!


I understand you wanted to take what I wrote literally, but some of us are bit more sophisticated than that. Just look at the stunning interpretation my fellow colleague @longshot405 gave above.


I know. It’s frustration itself. Am I correct?


@alplod and @epicflygon


By the way, it’s really a beautiful idea to present this text as a riddle. It sounds like a piece of twisted abomination of poetry.




It’s nice to finally know how you look like irl :slight_smile:

I’ll present another riddle. I was going for a haiku.

My army is strong.
Each one has mastered one skill.
I mastered them all.


Sounds like a minion with lots of keywords. Not elkowl, he’s too weak, there is another guy who is neutral and has his own emoticon but I can’t remember his name. He has red armor and blond hair.


Do you mean this one?

If yes, then you’re incorrect.

Cause he doesn’t depend on any skills of an army.


No the guy has his own emoticon, but I’m probably still wrong.


Also, glad that everybody now thinks I look like Hannibal Lecter

After all its always good to try new things…(chuckles)


I checked the emotes and didn’t understand who you are talking about :frowning:


Found him. His name is Rook.



Not him, sorry.


makes me think silver

maybe neurolink


It was neurolink, but Silver also seems to fit almost ideally.

So seems you got 2 answers :slight_smile:

EDIT. Hm…silver fits even better with this “one skill” reference. My bad :frowning:


Man I need to play, I think its been over a month since I last had more than 4 matches a week. So out of touch with all the new cards. Maybe I’ll try to make a spellhai deck since that seems to be somewhat on par with Magmar? What do you think @alplod, didn’t you have a post somewhere making this sort of deck?


if you strike me down i shall return
stronger than you can possibly imagine