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Forum Game: Riddles


Let me try one more. Now without a rhyme, sorry, it’s hard to do in a non native language.

They are many.
They are the legion.
There should be only one.
Their power absorbed in the resonating flames.


wait english isn’t your native language?

i feel lost


Abhorrent unbirth?


Nice try, but no flames there :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But you’re close.


Deepfire devourer


He’s not resonating :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Darkfire Sacrifice?


Deathfire Crescendo


@galaxydueler, @alexx55, crescendo it is. Good.


haha i got it first :smiley:


A cheap trick
You don’t see it coming
One for me and one for you
Can there be a better trade?


That abyssian spell that destroys your own minion for one your opponents? Could be blaze hound but the cheap trick part is being stretched.


Nope, it is not draw related


I’m in the mood for some more riddles (cause I’m procrastinating the checking of students’ Calculus homeworks. 126 derivatives done by each of my students. What was I thinking?)

Try these ones. Two for one :slight_smile:

I’m a wizard.
So I hate incompetence.
Your cheap tricks will do no good.
Only masterful ones will leave me impressed.

The part about cheap tricks came to my mind BEFORE I seen @alex55’s riddle. Sorry for unintentional plagiarism

And this one’s a bit harder, I believe:

You may try to look at it,
But it’s hard.
For me it’s easy.
It gives me power
To prolong your life.

You said it’s not draw related, but it should be Joseki, right? Draw, but no draw.


First one is Magesworn


True. I know, it’s not hard, but I just liked the image of a wizard hating incompetence :slight_smile:


Just noticed this one.

You can’t be serious…or can you?


You are right


Is the “You” the opponent or you?


It’s you. But several iterations of “it” refer to different things. One for the object of looking, the second for the looking itself :slight_smile: