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I was thinking that mana + attack = health


o poop, did not see that

if it’s supposed to be all even then @excogitator’s guess makes no sense


It’s worth noting that “even they are all” can mean when added, they make an even number. Two odds and an even added together makes an even number. More reason why Ash Mephyt works.


The whole riddle makes no sense if all of them have to be prime, distinct, and even. It’s just not possible.


I was thinking just that!

Though if genkei did mean to add mana and attack to equal health then ash wouldn’t fit


It is. It’s quite easy.

They are all prime, distinct, and even. And identical: they are all 2.

Edit: I guess you can read distinct such that the numbers should be distinct now that I think of it.

I figured distinct meant that they are in different parts of the card, as in, separate.


ok… since the last riddle is unconfirmed (and @genkei is M.I.A) anyone got a fresh riddle? I’d give one, but I’m busying with typing out some other things totally not procrastinating on Christmas gifts or anything


A slow buildup-That’s my style
I grow stronger by 1,by 1,by 4,by 1
Slowly weakening your enemies,
To bring destruction and apocalypse


The slow build up and destruction/apocalypse make me think Obliderate in abyssian, but I’m stumped by the second line

I’ll have to sleep on this


It was Oblitirate. The by 1, by 1, by 4, by 1 was referencing to ways to make shadow creep (Sphere, Cassyvas bbs, Shadow nova, Abyssal crawler)


I’m black and white
And hidden in shadows
But don’t get fooled by my appearence
As your mind is mine
You serve my will
And you shall walk into your grave


Last part makes me think GM Zendo, but the black and white part, and the hidden in shadows part doesn’t fit.


well, it is supposed to be Zendo, the black and white part signifying he is a panda, and hidden in shadows, because we never truly see his face


Wow, first try. What about klaxon and ooz though?


Till nine you linger,
No creature you met.
It should be twelve now -
You’re dead instead.


Doom, 15 characters


Correct :slight_smile:


It’s good to have friends
Make sure you keep them,
because if you lose them
they might not see the next day


Is it lost in the dessert? It sounds like it might be but I’m not absolutely sure.


Wow, you are right! Congrats