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EMP but pen is spelled with an N hahahah


Dank memes? I couldn’t spend a day without them.

Jokes asside I think the answer is Inner focus, based on the last line.


It’s not faction specific so no dice on that.


Hmmm, it’s getting tricky. Mindwarper is my last guess, I can’t seem to think of anything else.


Anyone else? The last hint I’ll give is that it’s in the core set.

i’ll give it one more try until I reveal it

And it’s not mindwarper



Everyone needs him!


My understanding of english is clearly not as good as I thought it was.

Anyway, I have 1 more riddle

Three prime numbers I claim,
All of them within the frame,
Non of them the same,

Even they are all,
First one, a toll,
Second one small,
Third, my whole.

I had to change the riddle drasticall because I realized too late that 1 isn’t a prime number.


Ding, Ding, Ding! That’s right @galaxydueler, the answer was Archon Spellbinder! He even looks like he’s studying too!

though everyone knows that he’s just on his phone playing Duelyst


Come on, that was too easy!


Trinity Wing?


Nope, but it is a minion.


What was the answer to this riddle?


The treant that spawns when a minion given dying wish from it dies.

It’s the only minion that gives other minions dying wish (and it’s vanar’s token minion, each having only 1 token minion).

The treant is also only summonable through the dying wish, khymera, or hailstone so rather than being a purposeful play, it’s more of an addition.

Weak when light refers to the ability being dying wish.


Son of a biscuit! @isbee 's found the riddle thread! Someone, stop him! :mysticup:

I should probably stay on topic with a riddle…
right, left, right, up, down, up, repeat.



I won


not quite, the riddle might need some clarification:





Chaos Emerald?


I’m not sure if the last one was a joke, or if you actually got it :stuck_out_tongue:

[details=Answer] It’s Chaos elemental, if you look at its head animation while mousing over it,
its head starts facing right, turns left, turns back to right, and them flips and flips back. [/details]


I meant chaos elemental,

I’m listening to this right now https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PL4lSYq73bw&t=55s so my mind is on sonic XD


What ever do you mean? :heart_eyes:
I’m almost done with it. You are a little late.
…oh yeah, riddle.

I am…working on one.