Forum Game: Riddles


*open doors in a hurry*
Come on guys, it’s Dark Seed, it’s obvious !
*kicks @phayze in the nuts, gets out quickly, slams door*



Fastly isn’t a word


Kicking people in the nuts isn’t polite! I need those!


Systematically quoting just to play grammar nazi got you that kick in the nuts.
Especially when you could have clicked “…” icon > flag > “send a message” if you really you couldn’t resist :slight_smile:

Again, there’s a thread for that :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m honestly surprised at what you can get away with without being flagged in there


No, you don’t.


What would you know niner?


I dunno, PM feels like overkill to discuss one word. Sorry if you took offense to this.


Others like me for my body,
But soon they’ll see,
The best part of me,
Is the one they can’t ever see.


Goat Daddy?

He gotta nice bod,
But his special pows
Are the best part of him,
And what they’ll never see.


A breath of life to a nation.
Of which there is no remediation.

Only ego deflation,
Flirtation with damnation,
And no vacation from the frustration.

Who, I say who am I?



@johnbob78 no it’s not goat daddy. Is the second part of your post riddle too?


@mmf Not Circulus. I have a tweak to one of the lines that will make it easier, but I’ll save it to see if anyone else gets it.


I tweaked a line - should be easier now.


Owlbeast sage. The Who jokes were a dead give away if so


@mmf Correct. And yeah, that was the line I tweaked. I only had one “who” in there at first, but it was a little vague with only one other clue.


Congradulations, you are correct! It is Dark seed!


Some say I’m outclassed,
Others that i’m just bad.
Either way,
My name still spells what you need most in school


Calculator? But I needed pen more!


Nope, you only need that for math (I don’t know what other class would need a calculator). Think broader