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One for you,
One for your ally,
Mine is the Way of the Snake
Yet you could mistake mine for twice the fire of rebirth


Twin Strike


Cobra Strike

The first two refer to it hitting you, and one of your minions (Ally)

Way of the snake: Cobra=Snake

It is a Phoenix Fire on an ally and you, thus effectively twice the fires of rebirth


Bingo, nice job!


Alright, here’s another one

A pledge for the one above, one below, one unseen
For too little a sacrifice
You will be renewed


Aphiotic Drain?

The only other ones I can think of are Keeper of the Vale and Consuming Rebirth


The more you keep,
The more you’ll lose,
What I will reap,
You can chose.

What am I?


Keeper of the Value?


Reaper of the nine moons?


Nope, and I can’t see how you came up with it xD


Nope, but you are getting warmer.


Vorpal reaver?



Unfortunantly, no, I can see how you came to think it is though, It is abyssian card.


I figure it’s something with deathwatch judging by [quote=“genkei, post:1292, topic:1026”]
The more you keep,
The more you’ll lose,
Don’t suppose I can choose all 3 at once? :3
Could also be deepfire devourer


It’s written from the first person, so you refferes to opponent. It does not have deathwatch nor dying wish and it’s not devourer. Try again :wink:


Some form of battle pet? Considering the you can choose. Or spectral blade, but that seems a lot less likely.


It might be ooz since the more creeps you keep the more health you’re likely to lose. Battle pets are the only way that your opponent can choose what happens with an opponents minions other than positioning which isn’t a focal point in Abyssian strategetic theme anyways


It’s not a minion, my final hint.


Consuming Rebirth?


Necrotic sphere. Had that but thought it was a minion :sweat_smile: