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Sworn Avenger?..


Nope, doesn’t fit with rage. You’re on track with the type of ability though


Since i feel that the previous riddle was a tad bit too difficult/vague, the answer was Red Synja. Synja means refusal in Icelandic so imagine that she’s actually just a giant yandere. She rages at the idea of someone even touching her beloved general and since she does 7 damage to any nearby enemy when your general takes damage most minions would die to that therefore invoking the crumbling at her touch line along with rage finding the love unharmed (no more enemies means no more threat)…I probably could’ve done something more focused around her stats huh… oh well. Here’s a simpler one to try! p.s your first hint was the red devil face

I will not run,
I will not hide,
I will not tear off your hide,
But while I heed your call,
Know that I will not fight by your side





Its a structure so it won’t fight or move. You control it, but you can’t make it fight.

Heres another riddle:

What you have sown,
I shall reap,
What you have taken,
You shall bleed,


You got it.
For your riddle, is it reaper o 9moons?



It is faction specific though.


I’m thinking magmar, possibly sprite harvester due to the 1st 2 lines. I’m not sure of the correlation to the last two though


Many things have I broken,
Many have I showed the light,
Many have I harmed,
But only two have I healed.

If I am left unchecked, defeat is assured.
Witchcraft, my friend, the ice, my bane.
While strong in body, my purpose is greater,
But, without aid, I remain useless.


I’m thinking Spinecleaver since it

  • “Reaps” minions “sown” by the opponent
  • generates blood fire totems that your opponent takes


I almost guessed red synja…because I almost guessed…EVERY…SINGLE… neutral minion


Owl beast sage. He deals good damage while buffing stuff for two.
@isbee you probably forgot to guess swamp entangler. :wink:


Nope. It fits, kinda, but doesn’t use all hints.


Not Spirit Harvester or Spinecleaver (though Spinecleaver fits really well). The second line is a tad bit misleading… pay more attention to the last two and the first.


Venom toth?


Dark seed?

Seeds are sown/reaped and it deals damage based on the number of cards in the opponent’s hand, so they bleed based on what is taken.


Just to make sure, we aren’t using any of the spoiler cards or bosses for our riddles are we?




Second one is mechazor,
First one is either sunelemental to align with the healing only 2 portion (doesn’t fit with the other lines though or emerald rejuvenator for the same reasoning.



Sorry for the obscure wording, but the two are actually one riddle.