Forum Game: Riddles


The aspects of the Vanar Kindred?


No, getting colder.

Edit: No pun intended :kissing:


Think about rarity…


Obelisks, it’s obelisks isn’t it? (i’m wrong aren’t I?)


It is only one card, that creates four things.


Gravity Well?..


Nature’s Confluence or Chrysalis Burst?


I think you are right with C. Burst


Well,I’m stumped. Until @mebler92 gives us the answer to his riddle Here’s another one to chew on:
My love,
So tender,
So sweet,
Your cries of pain,
Shall no longer haunt me,
Those who hurt you will crumble at my touch
May my rage find you unharmed

You’ll get one once I deem it’s right :imp:


Yup, the answer is Chrysalis Burst.

The first of simple make,

Common Egg

A second nearly raw,

This one was a bit of a stretch, but raw meat can also be called rare. Rare Egg.

The third of great majesty,

Epic Egg

A fourth to be written of,

Legends and myths are written down, as stories. Legendary Egg.

Probably should have included something more, since it was pretty vague.


Wait, that’s how Chrysalis Burst works? Never knew that…


Yup, 1 egg of each rarity.


Is it Holy Immolation?

Healing a friendly minion is the first section, the end is the damage is being dealt to nearby enemies.


Indicates that the card is minion due to its ability to touch things

First 3 lines of riddle indicate the minions attitude

That’s all the hints I can give you for now


Is it Celestial Phantom?


Is it widow maker?


@degenerator @phoinexflame @mebler92
It’s not a faction specific card


What about Soboro?


Think about who this riddle might be addressed to, since the speaker is talking about someone.


The only neutral card that I can think up who might say something like that is Mogwai (to L’Kian of course), but I don’t think he matches the rest of the riddle…


The speaker is enraged by something, what specifically I cannot say

EDIT: So far, you know that:
1.) it is a minion
2.) it is a neutral card
3.) it feels compassion for something
4.) [quote=“mmf, post:1233, topic:1026”]
Those who hurt you will crumble at my touch
It acts in response to something