Forum Game: Riddles


Void Steal it is!

Void Steal implies taking from nothing (impossible)
Taking their weapons and giving them to you is meant to imply removing and gaining attack.




Cool, you wrote that very well :slight_smile:

Another from me:

Should you fear me?
No, not really.

But should I stay?
Or should I go?

That’s up to me,
With pain in tow


Chaos Elemental?


Ok here’s another

I am a sin,
but I do not come alone,
you should fear,
since your within my reach,

Do you want the answer?


The price is high and you don’t always get me


Nope, that fits really well though. You are on the right track.


Wrathling Swarm?

Wrath is one of the seven deadly sins. Summons 3, doesn’t come alone.

Edit: Wraithling no Wrangling


nope not exactly


is the answer to your riddle the Ephemeral Shroud?


Is it… Sand Burrower!?


Yup, that’s it :slight_smile: Sand Borrower is the one asking the questions on the riddle


did u find mine?


Is it Vorpal Reaver?


Nope think inside the box


Ah, must be Pandora?

Here’s a quick riddle:

The first of simple make,
A second nearly raw,
The third of great majesty,
A fourth to be written of,


You are so close its actually a minion it summons here it is Envy but I give u the win.


Grandmasters I presume? nvm, too many for this


Nope, not quite.


Scions 1rst 2nd 3rd and soon to come 4th wish?


Nope, but you are closer with the card type.