Forum Game: Riddles


wow that makes it harder…


VOICE OF THE WIND 99.9999% sure



Wrong Spell :sweat_smile:


Isn’t it not a minion though? It must be a spell that stuns and deals damage, just not sure about the “Fate changes with time” part.


maybe spirit of the wild?


I’ll guess Avalanche.

Here’s another riddle:

Before the dawn,
Before the night,
When love is made,
When stances broken,
I draw you here,
Our truth unspoken,


Is it…Mesmerize? (no its not…)


Nope, that’s a good start though. You’re on the right track :slight_smile:

Edit: Not sure if you were responding to me or @mmf


i dont get the dawn and night part is it Syvrel the exile?


I’m reaching here… but is it Twilight Fox?


Yes, that’s it. Nice job!

Before the dawn,
Before the night,


When love is made,
When stances broken,

When you summon a heart seeker with your BBS (love) or move a minion with your BBS (stances broken)

I draw you here,

Moves a minion

Our truth unspoken,

Moves a random minion.


OK this isn’t a riddle since i’m not really good with them so here’s a little story:

-Here’s a gift from me :grinning:
-I don’t want that, I want another one :rage:
-But… you cant change it :confused:
-So!? Take it back :angry:

What did he get?


It is a riddle, actually, if you know what I mean :3


He he :wink: not bad… not bad


Looks like @derenash got that one, sphynx right?

Another one from me (I really like making these :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Pay that before luck,
And two shall run amok,
Both free and non foreign,
As the present often is,


sphinx, but most probably guessed it after seeing @derenash’s reply :kissing_closed_eyes:


@mebler92 pax? It fits the two running free part, but I don’t get the foreign and past part

Btw, the answer to my riddle was neither mesmerize nor avalanche. Vanar has a lot of free-range spells, but I have only one in mind :wink:


Nope, you’re somewhat close though (I worded this one in really tricky way :stuck_out_tongue:)


OMG JUST TELL US !!! what’s the answer mmf!!!


I feel like I’m grasping at straws, but is it Flash Freeze?