Forum Game: Riddles


Has to be Bur or Rawr


Here’s one! (Do haiku’s count?)

Fate changes in time
Flesh be taken asunder
You cannot escape

I hope it makes sense


Cosmic Flesh maybe? Since it gives provoke (can’t escape?)


Close, but no cigar. Want a hint?
If you do just look inside


Wrong faction


Ancient Grove?

Provoke = you can’t escape
Flesh taken asunder = gives your minions dying wish
Fate changes in time = the effect of the dying wish is delayed?


not quite there yet


From my blood the taura shall RISE!

Or maybe obliterate, dunno


hmm riddles… I’m going to give it a try

I am the son of water,
I have three lives,
Touch me and stay,
Ignore me and cry,
But silence me,
And I’ll say bye,

Who am I?


Hm… how about…

It was me, DIOltas!


Bonechill barrier?

Ice is born of water, Three walls are made, stuns minions that attack it, (dunno about the ignoring part), dispel removes the walls.


Yup that’s it if you ignore it you might get punished if its buffed
Bonechill barrier


Blazing Spines?


Doesn’t involve provoke, @mebler92 was in the right faction


Ok one more this one might be complicated

I hear you not,
I am Atomic,
I am Massive,
But I’m still a Unit,


Fountain of Youth?


wrong faction, look at @mebler92’s response


Is it bur?

The turn after he is played he will attack something
thus he will change
and you cant stop him because he is a battle pet?


Does not listen to you (since he’s a battle pet)


Yes!!! that’s right!

nice job (its Atomic Mass Unit from chemistry)


Unfortunately no, I can tell you that you can’t summon the card I have in mind

Only minions are summoned. The card I’m thinking of is part of the vanilla/core set