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nope. 15charsssss


I too second this as Combustion creates ash, and the whole ash to ash thing in the first part appears to be talking about a Rebirth of sorts.

Not to mention the final thing at the end talks about a “Wish” as in a “Dying Wish” the condition required to be revived by the combustion.

The part about “Genetic memes” could either refer to the Meme -iness of the card AND/OR That a “Meme” is an idea passed down. With the actual word “meme” based on the pattern of “gene” according to a dictionary.

The “Heretical Schemes” part probably refers to the "Heretic idea of cremating someone so that they may be born again in a new body. Thus, a rebirth.

The last two lines refer to the apparent recycling of their ash into either themselves again or similar beings whom inherited their power and dreams i.e. Their stats, and their “Wishes”

Thus the riddle is about the recycling of the bodies’ ash into another life that shares their Dreams and Powers and therefore, the answer is:

Corpse Combustion

Is what I meant to say, but oh well… Consuming Rebirth is cool AF anyways.

Overanalysis Complete :sunglasses:

Also @paralykeet Great Riddle!


you make a big overanalysis about how it should be corpse combustion, then your conclusion is that its consuming rebirth :expressionless:


What? They’re practically the same thing anyways. I mean they both abuse Dying Wishes, Both aren’t exactly used for anything other than the memest of the memes and they still fit the theme of the cycle of Rebirth and dreams and ashes and stuff.

Plus what’s a minor mistake in an Overanalysis of something? I still covered everything else!

The Leprechauns Made Me Do It! Send Help PLS!


Consuming rebirth can be used on any card while corpse combustion is dying wish only. Like you said, combustion makes ash.

I can’t send help, the unicorns will kill me if they find out I got involved with the leprechauns


Is it Darkfire Sacrifice? It seems possible to me (especially when combined with Variax).


Myriad, it’s name means 10000, it’s a 3/3/3 with bloodsurge, and Faie’s BBS deals 2 damage for 1 mana.


Good job. You got it.


FINALLY. YES :smiley: Oranos wins an entire internet

Good try Jonbob

I thought it was a rather cute little poem, but I added “make a wish” at the end to be an especially on-the-nose hint.

Flavor Text about Corpse Combustion

Zirix wants to destroy the tree of Eyos, which many worship as a god. Vetruvians are an insular society with genetically modified creatures like Wind Shrikes and Mirage Masters living among them.

Thought this one was too generous… But it worked in the riddle

The next generation being the minions that come out of Corpse Combustion


I got a whole internet.
First thing I’m gonna do is fill it with memes.


I’ll always be there to steal them.


Obviously! That’s what everyone does anyway


Not sure if I am allowed to revive this thread or not, but always thought these riddles were fun and it’s a shame the thread petered out last month, so here’s a riddle for you all:

No need for action,
Action shan’t we take,
For when the day stops,
Pain is what we make,
Like hard wired clockwork,
Until with death we break,


Dark Nemesis? (this is kinda a guess tbh).

I fear mine is much easier:

I march on and attack without fear
But even when I survive I will dissapear
When that happens, what will you get?
It seems, another disobeying pet!




Not Dark Nemesis, but good guess!

I’ll give a little hint for mine:

Like teeth I grind,
Against your fill,
Thrice strike my mind,
To break my will,


Coldbiter is my guess.


Yup, that’s right :slight_smile:

No need for action,
Action shan’t we take,

You don’t want to attack with your General while it’s equipped

For when the day stops,

At the end of your turn

Pain is what we make,

Deals damage

Like hard wired clockwork,

Every turn

Until death we break,

Stops working when you destroy it


The teeth hint sealed it for me.


Yeah, that hint might been a bit too obvious :stuck_out_tongue: