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We all came from ash, don’t you know?
From here to ash, we all go.
From ash and urn, potted plants grow
From ash, of ash, our eternity is a story sewn

Genetic memes, and heretical schemes
We have died but are not dead it seems
We give the next generation our power, and dreams
Make a wish.

VARIAXXXX :smiley:


Correct! The day he rested refers to the 7 mana cost, Blood Oath refers to her giving you a better BBS, The BBS change is permanent, and it spawned many threads talking about they best way to avoid it is to concede

Also is your riddle Dance of the Memes and Dreams of Heretical Schemes? Or Dance of Dreams for short.


Nope, one of the better guesses though :stuck_out_tongue:
Sortof hope CPG never clarifies the gender of the incubi/succubi in Duelyst. The androgyny of them is quite charming and plays into the “tempt with power” theme.


Then it is official “Best Girl” Crystal Wisp :stuck_out_tongue: (You walked right into that one)

Seriously do is it da Sarlac Mate? Not the one Boba Bloody Fett was canonically retconned into being kilt by but the eternal one in the Duelyst oft considered a staplah til’ that bloody bastahd Goh came alon’ and took hi stuff eh?


@isbee We’re coming!


Oh, now you’re thinking in wishes! But no, ol’ Sarlac is just the shepherd, and I’m describing Armageddon, a battle where the rules of timespace are ripped to pieces and armies smash each other out of existence only to find themselves fighting in the past, the future, and the present- spitting out the splinters of time all in between.

:slight_smile: Hope that hint doesn’t cause more confusion than you know- it gives away


IT’s the one that looks like David Tenant isn’t! Oh that bloody bastard stealing that thing in that movie!


More of a Tom Baker person tbh. :3 But That doesn’t help the riddle.



you know with the massive repetition of the word “ash” i was starting to think it was ash mephyt
but im gonna have to go with silithar elder


Neither. It helps to think about more about how and why ashes are ashes.


Ancient Grove! Tree’s become ash when they a boyrn and it grants every living friendly the ability to come back as a tree spirit things! YAY!

I got it, I got it, I got it, YEAH! :sunglasses:


No, but now I’m convinced that you do know and you’re trying to tease me about how obvious it is :stuck_out_tongue:


Ash Meypht
15 characters


Just keep spouting answers everyone, well catch up to the meme thread in no time

Is it xho?


Ore no mega, shinjiteruga! Dakara, itekimasu!

this is actualy nonsense, I just put some random japanese words I barely know

I think it is… Consuming Rebirth.


The closest anyone has gotten right here ^

Nope, sweet guesses though everyone.


In that case I’m gonna guess nether summoning.


Breath of the Unborn…

Yeah this time I got’s it’s rights yeah :sunglasses:



Warm, but less so than Consuming Rebirth


corpse combustion? its similar to consuming rebirth and nether summoning