Forum Game: Riddles


Grandmaster Zir? Soul Grimwar?


Nope and nope. @johnbob78 was closer.


Lionheart Blessing. :slight_smile:


Yup, that’s it right there!


Can someone explain…
Also next time I will be wrong in being wrong, just you wait…


Sorry couldn’t resist the joke pls don’t kill me :cry:

Edit: Thanks!


Come closer and let me knight you -> must be nearby for Zeal, is an added effect
Be my adviser, my right arm -> gives extra draw, must be nearby
Each step you take until you die -> each time the minion attacks
Makes me greater and wiser too. -> gives extra draw


the meme thread is catching up, its time to revive this thread!!

frail and weak
but never meek
even great shields
are forced to yield


Ephemeral shroud? It has a frail body that doesn’t survive damage, but can dispel forcefields and provoke and stuff like that.


correct, it is ephemeral shroud


Here goes, I’m terrible at poetry.

The mark of a king
in his icy castle
its heavenly glow
a body most astral


there are a bunch of cards that i wanna say it is, but they are just so different
gonna go with…
mark of solitude?


Nope, but you’re on the right track.


astral phasing?

no wait is it frigid corona?


Yep, frigid corona.


strong alone
stronger together
consuming lesser powers
to feed the endless hunger


Deepfire devourer: consumes wraithlings to fuel itself.


not what i was going for, but that fits even better. i couldnt even think of another verse that would help narrow it down to my original answer


My second guess would be Horror Burster, then.


nope, i actually liked your first anwser better than my intended answer. the new answer is deepfire devourer


Lurk lurk,
Hisss hisss

That one is so easy