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Dunno to who that is addressed, but it is clearly not an answer to mine


Oh no its pantheran


Notion of Starless Eternity?


You are correct my friend :trophy:


Nope. Here’s a hint:




Whats that? And if that was a guess, @halcyon98 already got the right answer


Desolator? He keeps coming back for more of your life


Three guesses anjo,

Drogon: Drogon is almost dragon, drogon likes to hit face (with vaath), drogon’s ability is nigh limitless (until the game breaks) but doesn’t fit with the long wait and hunger

Nosh-rak: NR fits with the long wait, need for dragon (skywing), does something to generals face, but doesn’t match the endless hunger.

Dagona: Dagona is the hangry dragon of the (deep) sea. Fits with nothing else


Nope. Think of “you” as whoever [insert card name here] is talking to.


No, no, no!

15 char


Hamon Bladeseeker? His ability takes a nibble of your face, it does small dmg, so it will take a long time for it to finish you, ability has endless triggers, synergises really well with Mist Dragon Seal


No, but you are right about the dragon part. All I will say is that nibbles are relative and so is “you.”


Ruby Rifter? He gets stronger of you taking dmg?


Ok, I’ll say it a third time. The “you” this minion is talking to is your opponent! Now give me your best shot!


Dark Nemesis
it must be


HAHA! :trophy::trophy::trophy:


I’m stupid. Why a dragon?


Mist Dragon Seal is a fine way to end a game with Dark Nemesis (13 damage from him alone that turn).


Remember when riddles were a thing? :sunglasses: