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Forum Game: Riddles


Yep I was thinking of Stormmetal when writing it, but would probably have accepted Drybone as well if someone had suggested it :smiley:


Bloodshard golem is actually made out of blood. Not sure about the rest, but bloodshard is blood :face_with_head_bandage: :red_circle: :non-potable_water:


How about another easy mini-riddle?

I may seem to wish you ill
But you I would not kill
And when comes the end
I am your only friend


Flameblood warlock?


Not so.

15 why oh why







Wait, it is easy, its Blood Taura


From me. Guess it’s an easy one.

My brothers are lying along the roads
Passive, motionless, mucky…
You probably kicked them countless times.
You dare kick me? Do you feel lucky?..


So it is! :trophy:


Swamp Entangler?


Khymera? Or Juggernaut?




Who is lying along the road in your guesses, guys?

Nope, nope.




It’s Rok but he’s moved to art exhibitions


And correct! @mmf is the winner! :trophy:

But Rokadoptera was also close.


How about a new challenge?

A nibble of your face I do enjoy
But there is long to wait
And my hunger is limitless
If only I had a dragon



Anyways, new riddle for everyone (should be quite easy)
When the stars align
Arise, my Champion!!!
Conquer the Promised land
Collect the tribe’s weapons
Summon me
And take my blessings:
A blessing of speed faster than sound
A blessing of might that can make mountains fall
And finally a blessing of eternal flight


Sand howler?