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Hmm, Grimes? The 2 roads being Fanfare (quick one, cuz it instantly activates) and Dying wish (the long one). Also, 3 meanings because it is a neutral, amd can win games and lose games.


He already disqualified grimes


Then my final guess is Lodestar


Let’s try and break down the riddle:

First line is confirmed to reference a use in gauntlet, but miguelosz already denied the answer being of the 3 gauntlet exclusives.

“An omen of death at roads end” - roads end. Either a dying wish minion or one that does soemthing that involves death. Omen of death only makes me think it’s a reference to what the minion represents or it’s name. Not at my laptop rn so I’ll save my guesses for later.

“You see no good in me, also no evil” - confirmed reference to it’s neutrality, yet the minion itself can’t seem too evil (taken from miguels earlier responses). You see makes me think of an eye theme (maybe C.occulus?) but I can’t think of the third meaning of this line. Will revisit later.

“I ask and you answer” - no idea what this should mean. Ask and answer?

Hint riddle confuses it a little. The two roads lead me to think it’s deck building/deck play rather than an in-game mechanic so that would throw my initial assumptions out the window. Is he still referring to gauntlet with this?


Nope, I’m afraid that’s quite far from to the answer


Woah, I’ve really confused people with my train of thought it seems :smiley: the “two roads” don’t really refer to Gauntlet, but to something else. I can reveal the answer tomorrow, unless someone’s still willing to try to solve it. But you do have some good leads there (although not all of them are good unfortunately :D)


I was thinking that they might refer to two different playstyles if the reference wasn’t gauntlet related. Then again:

And I haven’t played much gauntlet recently :fist:


Since it seems like no one’s going to get this, I’ll make a bunch of guesses.

This makes me think of Sphynx, or the good Inquisitor, but neither of those really fits with the rest…

My guantlet experience with Orbo. :facepalm:

Sellsoul? Purgatos?

This just speaks Wanderer (getting him out early or not), but he is not a gauntlet choice.


Now time for my own riddle (this is an easy one):

My life for yours
Oops, forgot to protect you
You know what, I’d rather save myself


Sworn defender


Nope for Sellsoul and Orbo (and for Wanderer, indeed one reason cause it’s no Gauntlet minion), others were already guessed.


Is it Dagona? I can’t explain my choice but that is the impression I got from the riddle.


Nope it’s not, but that’s actually the closest guess so far!


So, is it supposed to be a Meme?


It must be Paddo then


Nopey dopey


Good job! :trophy:


It’s time to reveal the mystery, since my riddle was way too cryptic this time! The correct answer is… Stormmetal Golem! Whaaat?

“I am chosen, I arrive”
As was already revealed, the “choice” refers to Gauntlet. This card sees quite common play in Gauntlet, but is very rarely seen at the ladder.

“An omen of death at the road’s end”
This is where most of you went wrong. The “omen of death” means very literally, that the appearance of this card on the board usually means that one of the players is going to die soon. It’s also a vague reference to his big brother Drybone, known as the “Concedebone Golem”. “End of the road” refers to endgame.

“You see no good in me, yet also no evil”
This line has three meanings:

  1. It’s a neutral (since being neutral is being neither good or evil)
  2. Golems in Duelyst are some kind of Earth spirits, creatures that act in an animal-like manner and do not care for human matters, whether they be good or evil (ie they are amoral).
  3. The third meaning refers to numerology: this minion’s statline is neither “good” (7/7), nor “evil” (6/6) but something similar to them (8/8).

“I ask, and you shall answer”
Stormie is a beefy dude, who requires an answer (he “asks”, whether you have an answer for him). Too simple eh?

Ok how about this?

“I can be there at the road’s end
Yet even more I’m at the start
Rather different are these two roads
The first short, the second long to walk”

A road is a common metaphor for life, or a similar journey with or without a clear goal. And what’s the equivalent of life in Duelyst? The playing of the game itself! Storm is there already in your basic decks, thus at the start of the “long road” (your history of Duelyst gaming). What about the short road? That refers to a single game you play (like life consists of days, so does your Dooly history consist of single, individual games). And Storm is there at the end of that “short road” (for example, a single Gauntlet game).


Too deep my friend, TOO DEEP!


I’m kinda confused with how this explanation actually fits Drybone Golem even better. I mean, road’s end? Bones, anyone?