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I didnt even read the riddle.

I just saw “attack with tombstone.”


Already guessed by mmf. I wasn’t referring to the card in the riddle earlier when speaking about Tombstone, but to mmf’s guess.


First hint (repeated): the third line refers to three different things about this card

A second (and third actually), bit bigger hint: the first line refers to where you might most often encounter this minion


Does this mean its a token?
Edit: No no no, its one of the 3 Gauntlet minions you can choose, but which one?


Nope, it’s not one of those three. But otherwise you’re exactly right with the first line (as that’s where you would most likely encounter this minion).


Alright, this seems quite a difficult one so let’s add a fourth hint in the form of a riddle:

I can be there at the road’s end
Yet even more I’m at the start
Rather different are these two roads
The first short, the second long to walk


I know you are talking bout Gauntlet…


Yep, this is a minion that is most often seen in the Gauntlet :slight_smile: (that’s what the first line refers to).


Is it a Neutral?


Correct, this is one of the “three meanings” within line 3 (as being neither good or evil means being neutral)


Purgatos, The Realmkeeper


A good one! But no, the “two roads” don’t fit in this case :slight_smile:


Astral Crusader? Can’t explain why I’ve chosen it, intuitively, I guess.


Whoops, didn’t notice your guess sorry. Nope, as much as I love his memeness it’s not him we’re trying to find here. Only one of the “three meanings” of the third line fits him.


But he certainly IS the chosen one.


I FOUND THE ANSWER!!! It is no other than our gauntlet overlord Hsuku!!!


That would fit the original well for many parts :+1: But alas, neither of the “two roads” I spoke of in the original riddle or in additional clue fit.


Another hint (that might lead you away from the answer as well tho): Alplod had the closest guess so far


Can it be a token?


It could, I guess? But since the riddle has been unsolved for so long, I can reveal that it’s not a token