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We have a winner!

The explanation is correct. I really thought all the references to sound and voice would make it fairly easy, but apparently nobody picked up on them.

(I also specifically wanted it to be 4 lines long as a super-obscure reference to the fact it’s a 4 mana 4/4, but I didn’t actually expect anyone to pick up on that. Just mentioned it as an extra clue in my final hint to see if anyone would notice.)

I’ve always liked this card, and use it in my favourite deck (Vespyr). An echo is a distorted repetition of sound, and the way the Voice of the Wind “echoes” minions by creating a Vespyr minion in response to you playing another minion always struck me as rather poetic, so I wanted to make a riddle about it.

Apparently it was way, way too hard though. :joy:
I think my riddle-making career is over. I’ll stick to solving them from now on.


My riddle, anyone brave enough to solve it?
Marauder was wrong, and it is not a neutral card


Sleet Dasher


Nope it is very much your ally


Glacial Fissure?


Hint: It is not a spell


Unstable Leviathan?


Je ddiiendnfejjsvn


Close, but he is real slow


Is it Elucidator then?


:trophy: You are Correct!!! :trophy:


Let’s revive this thread:

I am chosen, I arrive
An omen of death at the road’s end
You see no good in me, yet also no evil
I ask, and you shall answer





Sadly, no :stuck_out_tongue: the second and fourth line fit, yet what could being “chosen” mean? Also, he seems a bit evil to me, attacking you with his Tombstone and all (although I get how you could interpret the third line to fit him).


A small hint: the third line says something about three different attributes of this card at the same time





Still seems pretty evil :stuck_out_tongue:




Sphinx? Just from the last line.

Dunno about the chosen, but other lines are kinda close.


No, and no. Sphynx indeed fits very well, if not for the first line. I repeat: the third line refers to three different things about this card.