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Mirage master?


For what it’s worth, the last ling of that riddle should say ‘with master or enemy’ to make it rhyme, but i think it’s that 5 mana 9/9 that swaps ownership when an ally dies.


hmm, rhyming wasnt my look
Also, Marauder does not move at blitzing speeds
Edit: A hint: It is not a neutral card


Maybe this card is just way more obscure than I gave it credit for? Also, Unleash the Evil is from Mythron so it’s too new to be the answer. And loliconartist (sort of?) guessed Mirage Master already.

I made all my word choices extremely carefully, so I’m not sure how to give more direct hints without giving it away!

It is a minion, though.


Could it be circulus


Not Circulus.

Lots of very close guesses, but nobody’s quite landed on it.

I’ll try a vague hint next: There’s a word in the riddle that’s repeated more than any other. What is that word’s definition?





Essence sculpt?


Mind cage oni?

Superior mirage?

Bloodbound mentor?


Also ill try my hand at a riddle.
This one is easy.
With a swing of my blade
You health I shall shave
With the grace of my entrance
Away goes your presence
Old I may be
Rare I am to see

Heres a medium one
First of many
Worst of any
Supportive in nature
Solitary in action
Last face youll see
King to be

Easy one
Shepherd of the herd
Controller of the crazed
King of the kongs
zukong solved

Easy one
Coolyest of hats
Bane of 1
Owner of 2
Relic of past

Medium one 5
Fault without fault
Subject without kingdom
Commoner than common
Unknown, brother took its nonexistent place



Astral Crusader?

Dawns eye


Or is it a minion


On exactly the right track, but still no.

It’s none of these!

I don’t want to post the answer yet because I’m positive someone’s about to get it. The guesses are getting so close.

As a final hint, I guess I’ll break it down, so try to solve each part:

The first two lines contain clues to the name.
The third line contains clues to the effect.
All three lines contain clues to the name and effect.
The fourth line is there so there’s four lines.

I apparently put way too much thought into a riddle no-one could ever guess. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here it is again for reference:


Zukong is correct!
The others were wrong
Also argeon is already a king.


Edit: Voice of the Wind?
I think it is it. Word echoes Word (Voice)
Breath echoes breath (Wind)
Life echoes life (summoning vespyrs gives more vespyrs)
The ever so repeating echoing means sounds (again, voice)


Is this Scarzig?


Silverblade Adept?


Wrong, sorry.
Scarzig aint a king.
Silverblade adept belongs to the lyonar kingdom. Also how would silverblade be “unknown”?


Could the 5th answer be putrid dreadflyer?


Closer, but nothing really “took its nonexistent place”


Drybone golem?
Nonexistant place, because he has holes in him, and his big bro Worldcore overtook him?


Much closer, but nonexistent place in more of a deck sense. Perfect Idea on what I meant by a card overlooking them
Also try to remember the other parts of the poem. Every line correlates. What fault without fault would they have?