Forum Game: Riddles


Thought I’d create another game to make the forums more exciting!

The game is simple. Answer the riddle and write your own, or let someone else write one. It can be about anything duelyst related.

I’ll start:

In death I reach towards the end,
As I extend my reach;
I rise anew: a smaller friend,
And close to hopes of each.

Here is a document containing all the riddles and their solutions so far.


Reaper of the Nine Moons?


My guess is Jaxi.


Damn this sounds way more likely.


Almost within reach,
Yet to be without worthlessness,
I must disappear,
Back into the darkness from whence I came


What about Vorpal Reaver? Extending reach could be celerity, and the smaller friend could be the wraithlings


Scarletbliss was right, the intended answer was jaxi. Good job! :smile: As for vorpal reaver, I didn’t think of that! It nearly fits. However, the riddle suggests only one smaller friend.

The line “in death I reach towards the end” applies to how jaxi spawns in the corner upon death. The last line was kind of worded weirdly but was meant in the way that each player hopes jaxi will spawn close to them :slight_smile:


Alexicon that riddle sounds very interesting :slight_smile: returning to the darkness from where it came suggests returning to the action bar, so maybe tusk boar?


Close, look at the second line and you should get it


Snowchaser? Worthlessness is bugging me to no end.


Nope :slight_smile: without worthlessness=of use


Yes, yes…

The almost within reach is strange as well. A ranged minion? Infiltrate? If it’s a minion that returns to the hand, there is also the Dust Crawler, but the first line doesn’t make sense.


Almost within reach… of the board. So?


Damn this is a tricky riddle. Perhaps it’s astral crusader? Replacing him makes him more useful.



Either Astral Crusader or Dreamgazer?
Edit: damn you archer!


Congratulations! You got it!


Sorry, he got it… just


Haha xD we got it at the same time!


I’m so frustrated c:


Well done, both of you :slight_smile: Want another?