[Forum Game] King of the Monolith


I think most of you can understand that this is a variation of the “king of the hill” forum game.
Our “hill” will be the monolith built by emperor Sargos and anyone who can reach the top will be the King of the Monolith.

The rules are simple: just post here how did you take the top of the monolith from the previous poster and become The King of the Monolith (write it at the end of the post so we can distinguish the game from everything else), if possible let’s try to keep this Duelyst themed, and as far as we know there can be anything inside or outside the monolith that can help/hinder our journey to the top. You are not forced to make a long post. Let’s try to avoid storylines that develop in more than one posts it becomes confusing easily.
If you feel the need for gifs click here

I’ll start:
Riding my trusty young flamewing I was finally able to reach the entrance to the Monolith.
Unfortunately a couple of Sunsteel defenders where guarding it so I had to rush my way in. Thank to my young flamewing I was able to overcome them and make my way into the deeper parts of the building. There I found what I was looking for: a mexican-looking statue with his fist pointed at me. Then I performed the secret handshake that only the warriors that fought In the north know. Than opened a secret passage that led me to an even more secret elevator that was able to reach the top of the building in no time. Finally there I realized I was alone, nobody else reached the top before me… so I praised our Lord and Saviour

and I proclaimed myself “The King Of The Monolith”

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That being said this looks interesting.


my bad english isn’t first language :slight_smile:


You are henceforth forgiven.


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Me and my dreadnought arebreeding an army of reptiles from its eggs, waiting for our time to come…


You aren’t forced to use the gifs but anyone check here: http://duelystdb.com/card/all
also I’ll fix the absence of makantor jesus memes in the memes thread


I’m waiting you :sunglasses:


I will just continue at a random point once i feel like making a long post, so all challengers to the monolith beware :stuck_out_tongue:


while plundering the secret treasure room of kaleos xaan, i was discovered and forced to use a mist dragon seal to barely escape with my life.

I found myself near the base of a large monolith that was so grand it was impossible NOT to hold great treasures.

as i entered, unchallenged, i find a statue that points its fist towards me several feet before a flight of stairs. the room is too small for the large base of the monolith, thus I start searching for secret rooms and traps.
with the expertise of an artifact hunter the secret passageway is easy to find.
as i open the passageway the statue comes to life and attacks, but is no longer a threat after attaching an onyx bear seal

deciding to be more cautious, i don the mask of shadows and stealthily move forwards avoiding the many traps littering the passageway

after reaching a well hidden elevator a quick ride to the top reveals a man with a young flamewing, most likely the owners of this monolith. the flamewing notices my presence and takes flight with its master preparing to fight.

i replace my mask of shadows with the cyclone mask
launching blades of wind, i kill the flamewing and watch as its master plummets to his death

as i searched through the monolith, i found treasures so grand (and immovable) that i decided to make this my new hideout and started rebuilding the defenses as well as killing the only other one who knew of the secret passage with phoenix fire, the panddo

Thus begins my reign as The King of the Monolith


“Is this a dream?” I asked myself.
I was feeling a fresh breeze between my hair: “Am I…Falling? Oh Shit!Oh Shit!”
I must have passed out during the battle, and then I probably falled off the monolith.
Oh well, I can always call my flamewing in order to save my life…[doesn’t work]…oh right he’s dead…shit.
Time for the emergency plan, this won’t be nice.
Thanks to some good friends from the vetruvian empire I was able to “learn” the astral phasing. To be fair I’m not very good at it, so I feel the need to hug a nearby building at very high speed :triumph:.
After drinking a sundrop elixir I point my body towards the top of the monolith: it’s time to fly again.:sunglasses:
I was fast, really fast (I think the previuos challenger didn’t even have the time to proclaim himself king of the monolith), so fast that I was able to “gracefully” land on top of my opponent. :triumph:. I make use of this advantageous position by casting a sand trap on him , he can no longer move now. I grab him from the neck and we both reach the edge of the monolith: it’s time to see if he can fly :rage:.
After all I must avenge my flamewing…
I can upon my allies to defend this place…
After all I am The King Of The Monolith


if possible let’s try to write “The king of the monolith” in bold at the end so we can distinguish other posts from the race to the top of the monolith. This time is ok.


A challenger takes an involuntary flight over the edge, and I know I’ve come to the right place. The Monolith’s challenge stands before me. But the monumental height poses a problem, especially now that I know the Monolith has already been claimed. Climbing the inner structure could prove treacherous.

With a Nordic incantation, I cast Gravity Well , summoning dozens of Wells along the walls of the Monolith. I run directly upwards, using the Wells’ unique gravitational properties to hold myself to the wall.

Finally, I reach the top of the Monolith and scan the area for enemies. One presents himself, taking to the air with Vetruvian magicks. He turns his attention to me and rattles off a series of icantations, which I can only vaguely identify as the language of Emoji. I exclaim a curse to the Imperium and sound the charge, and the rest of my warband reveals itself from over the ridge!

My Cannons take aim and begin firing, but his swooping maneuvers allow him to evade all their shots. He must be used to being airborne. Immediately I send the Wings after him, but they are outclassed by his superior mobility. However, I can see his mana is exhausted from the earlier battle. I strike with keen precision, letting loose a frosted bolt of winter magick, Flash Freezing him in place. With his sorcerous wings bound he falls to the earth as my Swords move in to finish the job.

The blood of my sorcerous enemy stains the steel of my Mechs, and an aurora rises over the Monolith. Our warband has claimed this tower. Soon the surrounding lands will know me as The King of the Monolith


as i fall down the monolith, bound in sand, i wonder what i did to deserve this. then i stop wondering useless things and quickly cast juxtaposition on one of those gravity wells. who would have thought a spell i used to replace priceless artifacts with cheap replicas would save my life. as the gravity wells below me slow my descent i fish out a spell capsule i stole from some vetruvian getting rid of these sandy chains before descending to the ground.
looking around i see an army of mechs converging on the monolith and decide to make myself scarce. looks like this is monolith is too big for one man to take. its time to bring back the A team for one last mission. to become The King of the Monolith


This is awesome well played everyone :slight_smile:️:clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


so is this a 2 parts storyline? (also you forgot one added rule to write it at the end of the post The King of the Monolith in bold)


sorry, will edit it in. and yeah its set up for a triumphant return with new characters. i’ll come back after the monolith has changed hands a few times


In rumors of a bounty the land has never seen before,i take my first steps on what people call The Monolith.
The first floors covered with traps,ancient artifacts triggering traps and even more traps,although nothing i had never seen before.The deeper i went into each floor,a pulse was getting stronger and stronger.Imagine my surprise when it wasn’t a almost-extinct Void Pulse trap,draining all of the victim’s life force,but it was the sound of an army’s march. The March of the Mech
The rumors were true.
With the hatred of Mechs etched into my heart since boyhood,i released the swarm of mutated Rust Crawlers i kept with me at all times.Biting,Gnawing,Growing stronger and bigger at each bite.Starting off at less the size of Dank Heart’s little companion,they ended up destroying even the ceiling in their growth spurt.I climbed on one of the slowest moving ones,which was savoring a Helm of Mechaz0r,only to be greeted by a flashing light.
It was the top floor,the floor of the King.
Although,instead of the king,the throne had an Alter Rexx on it,and a whole platoon of combat-ready Mechaz0rs.The first shot was a warning shot,and I later on understood that it was intentionally missed,based on the smirk the Alter Rexx had.Hm,a robot with expressions.The next shots continued to evaporate before me,as i held the Crossbones Pendant i had stolen from the cache of the most infamous of Silvertongue Corsairs,“Goldtooth”.The Mechs then advanced into close combat,which never was my specialty,so i had to improvise.Releasing the part of my portal magic,i summoned my trusty twin Hollow Grovekeepers,to buy me time.I had around 20 decoy wraithlings,a couple of Darkfire Sacrifices,and…of course!
Sacrifing my rust crawlers,i felt myself surging with energy,releasing all of the wraithlings at once,only to have them eaten my my trump card,the Deepfire Devourer,who was soon making short of the mass-produced Mechaz0rs,and in time,Alter Rexx himself. But it did not feel right. I knew something was wrong,as if i was allowed to capture the Monolith,as if someone did not want to be there anymore.
Using my second and last sacrifice,i opened the portal once more,summoning Shadow Watchers to guard each floor’s stair and entrance,Bloodmoon Priestesses at each fireplace,turning them into altars,soon filling the whole of Monolith with Wraithlings. But it was not enough,i wouldn’t last long with these defences,since defending is different than ambushing like i was used to doing.
I had no choice,the voice of the Monolith emerging from the altars,qispered of eternal reign.
Drawing my Spectral Blade,i cut myself sitting on the throne,only to faint.In my place,there was only a Reaper of the Nine Moons left.But i was the first never aging King,The King of the Monolith.


I am alone, everything is black around me, but I’m not scared :confounded: , I’m… confident?
It feels like there’s an agreement between me and these depths, and there’s something I must do to fullfil this agreement. An hand emerges from the dark and takes me to another place.
I’m on the top of the monolith again, but something is different now. A dark aura covers every inch of the building filling the air with unpleasant smells. Various Mechs and rust crawlers laid dead around me.

I’m surrounded by some sort of magic, this is probably how I was able to get here but I’m not alone: a sword of mechaz0r is next to me, while a spectral blade is nearby . On the other side of the roof a reaper of the nine moons is staring at us .
We charges at him but he chages back. He’s fast, too fast, so fast that the sword of the mechaz0r wasn’t even able to see the hit that killed him . But now I have an opening and I use it to kill the reaper with my sperctroblade .
The battle didn’t end there. On the same spot were the reaper died an alter rexx appears ready to fight . He looks arounds and sees the corpse of the sword of Mechaz0r. He’s furious :rage: and run towards me . I’m able to avoid it, but something feels wrong. I’m fast, too fast. I feel full of power but empty inside: is this the curse of the spectral blade? Is this why I’m wih the living ones again?
With the sword I killed the alter rexx
I’m controlling the balde or the blade is controlling me?
I doesn’t matter… the only thing that matters is that I’m The King Of The Monolith


Wow, did you… kill yourself? I’m not entirely sure what happened there. Also @MEgix are YOU also dead? Or are you like an undead now? I’m simultaneously impressed with your imaginations and perplexed by your results. Looks like someone’s gonna have to clean up the Monolith now :wink: