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[Forum game] Imagine, if


also pls give me vetruvian finality that philosophers stone!



I like defiler. Seems

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All direct damage. Every faction, in varying degrees, has some.


Not gonna lie, a little sad you would bring that up as if I hadn’t tried already :magsad:

(Basically the answer I got was “Ragebinder”)


yeah, but only in songhai is it “part of faction identity”
get rid of void pulse and dark seed and abyssian wont change
get rid of holy immolation and draining wave and lyonar will hurt, but not change
get rid of direct damage and songhai loses like a third of their entire collection. there is no recovery from that


Then stop having “faction identities”. Make every faction viable with every deck archetype.
More players would play the game, imo.


That completes contradicts the purpose of the faction mechanic.


If there was no faction identities, the only thing seperating vetruvian and abbysian, for example, is that cassyva is hotter than sajj :sirpenti:
Imagine lilithe with kara bbs.


The things that would separate the factions are keywords. Greater deck diversity = growth, for the game.


if what you are saying did happen, then A. the entire idea behind “factions” would be completely useless because keywords in and of themselves are archetypes. swarm lilithe literally revolves around “deathwatch.” on another note, the factions are also seperated by themes. can you possibly imagine kara obelysks? no? well then they are not just seperated by keywords. and B. players who actually want to be competetive and are competetive will hate this because they wont know wtf their opponent is playing and how the hell to play around them


Obviously no. All factions have unique deck archetypes, playing styles, and card mechanics that gives them an identity exclusive from one another. Stating that faction-specific keywords are the only factor that sets factions apart would be of an equivalent degree of misunderstanding as stating the only distinguishing factor that defines different races is the skin color of people. Perhaps not the most appropriate analogy, but the point stil stands.


Yeah I support the idea you are trying to come to here halcyon, but that analogy might need some work. One can argue that all people are really the same. We are all human, and the only reason why we say one is this race or that race is because we look different. If we did not, we’d just all be the same “race”.
But i dont care to debate rn


We can continue this discussion when the time comes. For now, let’s get back on topic!


imagine if this thread never got derailed


B. players who actually want to be competetive and are competetive will hate this because they wont know wtf their opponent is playing and how the hell to play around them

Welcome to card games.

And, so you’re aware. I do compete. I am competitive. I’ve played card games, competitively, for over 20 years. You NEVER know what your opponent plays. You’re always expected to figure it out as you’re playing.


In any card game you can quickly realize what your oppenent is doing by the first 2 cards, duelyst is different however…

Also to throw my 2 cents in: this could never happen as there willl always be a best deck, even if it did and was a diverse metagame it would be hated as diverse metagames are favoured towards the people who are shit at the game and not who are the pros.


You never can know what the hell your opponent is playing, especially in duelyst. There’ve been plenty of times when I try playing around a particular card only for some idiot to drop a dark nemesis and kill me. Or another random legendary that I haven’t seen in over 5 years.


That is silver meta…

But in any physical and most CCGs you can quickly find what your oppenent is playing in the first few turns.


I was specifically talking about duelyst. Though in S and Diamond I figure it’s easier because you know what everyone’s playing. To some extent I find myself up against weird shit in gold as well. It’s annoying. Very annoying