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[Forum game] Imagine, if



Imagine, if Luminous Charge damaged friendly minions too.


“deal it 2 damage” Was that really on the original card?


Fun fact, this is how I read the card for the first month or so that I played Duelyst:


At the start of your turn, growl menacingly at the nearest enemy


When I first saw the card, I thought this was the effect.

There are so much more I could do if I could change the game a tiny bit.


I would love a vetruvian effect card like this, where they were “mirages” where they would disappear after being attacked.


Hey, Thanatos, since you dropped by and brought up the subject of veteran silithar…

(Everyone knows where this is going.)

How about bumping the poor, unplayable, waste-of-a-core-card used-to-be-good lizard to 4/4?

I mean, compared to young silithar it gets two more attack and costs two more mana, what are those, prismatic attack points? Those are the two most expensive attack points in Duelyst. Rebirth isn’t forcefield, even after the buff.

Could you run it by the team? Pretty please with puppy-dog eyes? :sob:

…Yes, before everyone tells me so, I know that’s not how things work around here, it’s the principle dagnabit.



you are supposed to make a change in a card.
thats normal frostburn xd


My mistake! :dizzy_face:


At the very least, change it to a 3/4 rebirth minion.

For those who are pointing to Ragebinder saying there it is a 3 mana 3/4 rebirth minion. I would like to point out that the minion is an expansion and destined to leave after a year or so. By transforming veteran slithar into 3/4, magmar core will have a consistently useful card that won’t rotate out.

Ragebinder gets to be a better Veteran Silithar since its an expansion card that is “temporary” within standard. When it rotates out, and it will rotate out, we have something lesser to substitute in.

Of course I’m basing this logic on heartstone’s logic with these two minions.

Core of Hearthstone: River Crocolisk (https://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/River_Crocolisk)

Expansion: Plated Beetle (https://hearthstone.gamepedia.com/Plated_Beetle)

Can you guess which one is better than the other?


Imagine if…

The game didn’t have direct damage. The game required you to think, move, and use tactics.
Wouldn’t that be fun?


i agree with your suggestion to remove songhai from the game


But isn’t bombing your opponent with fire a tactic itself?



your philosopher stone makes me want to sing “and a partridge in a pear tree”


Smack should be named to “Upstart Goblin”.

Functionally the same card.


Shouldnt pot of greed be Divine Spark not 2nd wish?


second wish used to be a 2mana draw 2