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[Forum game] Imagine, if


But this is Abyss we are talking about


If Vanar was undeserving of 5 mana frostburn, what makes you think Abyss is?


Because abyss cant ramp themselves to the point where it is not a complete turn skip


Give the text Rush and it’s all gucci


Would you plz sketch me into your next work
Just put in some asian dude with glasses.
Basiacally a generic otaku


Fireblaze Obelysk
Vetruvian Structure
3 mana 0/6
Friendly dervishes have +30 attack.


and i just realized that bagoum hasnt updated its cards to reflect nerfs. it still says CC deals 2 damage


Behold, feast your eyes to Shiny Shitty Yendo.
Perfect for masochist players.


i found this on google
crop the guy out



Imagine if: Pandatentiary crashed the game.
Imagine if: Kara gave +1/+1 to everything in your hand.
Imagine if: Bloodrage Mask, Saberspine and Seal all costed 1 less.
Imagine if: Mana Vortex used to draw a card at the end of your turn.
Imagine if: Circulus was a 1/3.
Imagine if: Enfeeble costed 3 mana.





You don’t want to go back to October 2016…


But mana vortex costs 0 mana right now. Would it be giving a mana back?


Shit, I forgot the nerf for that one!

Technical Difficulties.

Editing old posts.




Wait, what changed?


Switched stats :slight_smile:

One last stupid batch …




Don’t do this to me, :cry: