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[Forum game] Imagine, if


I’d like to invite you to play a sort of a forum game. Take something from Duelyst and make as a small change as possible which would make a huge difference.

Ideally it should be 1 word in card’s description or 1 point of stat, but it doesn’t necessary have to be card-related.

Plz, no Rush on Serpenti jokes.

Imagine, if Mana Deathgrip wasn’t limited to enemy minions and you could cast it on your Crystal Wisp.
Imagine, if Shidai could choose, which spell to get from BBS.



Tempest: Do 2 damage to every enemy


onyx bear seal: transform an enemy into a pando


-another hard removal card with the word “minion” removed-


Imagine if Third Wish gave any friendly minion +3/+3 and BLAST?


pandatentiary:summon pandos around the enemy general


pandatentiary: summon paddos around the enemy general






Shoutout to a faction change :magsad:


power creep, that mana burn is too op. its literally just old chroma that cant hit generals


For the uninformed, those were all actual Magmar cards at one point in Duelyst’s history

(You can check some of the patch notes were those changes here made here and here)


still op
and yes I remember



you disgust me


I mean that’s the point :upside_down_face:


Edit: Suppose I can do a round of other crazy cards for other factions :stuck_out_tongue:





is this now just the unnerf thread?


the enemy general is DOOMED and will die after one turn

rage against the unnerf

let the creativity flow