Forum Game - Create a card to counter the person's before you


1 Mana Spell
Destroy an enemy token minion and draw a card


oh no, you spent 1 mana to kill a wraithling :neutral_face: or, ya know, a rok


Or a Mechaz0r.dek


1- cannot be targeted by spells
2- that costs 1 mana


Well you dispel the mechazor first. Plus the spell works on any token, not just 1 mana ones


Target me!
Your opponent can only select this minion as target from spells designed to target enemies.
By that I mean it does not interfere buffs, however cards like Primal Ballast that targets any minion can only target this token.


Except Primal Ballast does not target minions.


Priest of the White Palm
7 mana 4/8
Put two White Palm Smite into your hand.

White Palm Smite
3 mana spell
Deal 3 damage to everything. Afterward, Prevent all spell damage until the start of your next turn.


1 mana
If Tribble is in a hand or on the board, every time someone would generate a card, generate a Tribble instead. Cannot be replaced.


Thanks for that…now it’s stuck in my head again


V the stick wizard
neutral arcanyst 6 mana 7/3
OG: Choose a minion. Destroy all copies of this minion in play, in both players’ hands and decks.

Who gets the reference?)


8 mana spell
Summon all minion’s destroyed by your opponent last turn nearby your general.


3 mana 3/3

Negate the first spell your opponent casts each turn and gain hp equal to its cost.


sun thief
4 mana
whenever an enemy heals, steal that health instead


Ice Warden
6 mana 5/5
Opening Gambit: Dispel one enemy minion and the enemy general. They are stunned.


Mute Blade
Whenever any minion or general is dispelled, gain +2 attack.
Every start of your turn, dispel your general.


but doesnt that counter itself. i mean at the start of your own turn you dispel yourself, then gain 2 attack, then dispel yourself. meaning at the start of your turn its always +2


Perfection to close this thread. Infinite loop!

(I wonder, can you dispel Soul Grimwar’s atk with that theory?)


Nope, the effect is tied to the artifact, not your general (like Soul Grimwar)


rust crawler
2 mana 2/3
Opening Gambit: destroy a random enemy artifact.