Forum Game - Create a card to counter the person's before you


Assemble Regular Army
Collaboration spell
Can only be played if Morden attempted a coup.
Call Metal Slug characters nearby your general. Equip Heavy Machinegun to Marco, Shotgun to Tarma, Rocket Launcher to Fio and Laser Gun to Eri.


Demon’s Pact


Your general can’t take damage. OG: Summon a 1/1 Clock of Death.

Clock of death: at the end of your turn, if you do not have any artifacts, take 25 damage. Otherwise, remove 1 durability from all your artifacts. Cannot attack or become dispelled, sacrificed, or affected by any friendly spell or minion’s ability.

(So if they coup, they will take the clock of death)


temporal stasis
2 mana spell
activate all effects that trigger at the end of anyones turn twice





aspect of the fox + dancing blades.


just 1 card. no combos


Keeper of the Copyright
5 Mana 2/7 Neutral
Opening gambit: Destroy all minions on board and in both players’ decks that have had their name changed during the last six months.


Revenge from beyond the Grave

3-mana spell

Steal 1 health from the enemy general for each minion in both players’ discard piles.


reverse ionization
3 mana artifact
whenever a heal effect and a damage effect activate at the same time, the damage heals and the heals damage (i.e. reverse steal effects, shadowdancer pings, etc)


Surfs Up
Vanar: 5 mana spell
You can cast yout bloodborn spell unlimited next turn. All non bloodborn spells in you and your opponents deck and action bar have their mana cost increased by 2
(it still cost one mana)


Spell Feaster
3-Mana, 1/1
Rush. Whenever a spell is casted, gain +1/+1.


Enough said.


Pot of Greed
4 Mana Spell

Neither player can play any card whose mana cost is not the original amount. Until the end of your next turn.


But what does it do!


3 Mana Neutral Spell
Return all minions to their original mana costs


It is a spell card. You may play it from your action bar, and ONLY from your action bar unless there is another card that can force it to be played from somewhere else. Furthermore, this card may only be played from your action bar if you have an amount of mana equal to or higher than the cost of this card, unless there has been another effect applied, that either alleviates this rule, or bars its activation. When activated, this card leaves your action bar, and is revealed to your opponent. Then any sentinels that require enemy spells to be activated would be activated and their effects resolve before activation. Note; Any effects that would make it impossible to activate this card, had it not been activated beforehand, do not stop this cards activation, unless expressly stated on the affecting card. Once this stage has been resolved the effects of this card will activate and prevent anyone from playing any cards whose mana cost is not the original amount that is printed on the card when it is first printed, UNLESS the ORIGINAL cost has been changed, or the rules of the game you are playing have changed so that the printed cost is incorrect, for which a substitute baseline must be put forth so that this card may have an effect upon all cards in the opponents deck of cards, and your own deck of cards have been affected to the effect of the effect printed on this card. After all of this has been done, the total amount of mana that this card cost when it was played from your action bar, is removed from you mana pool this turn.


Entropy watcher
Neutral minion/ 4 Mana/ 2/3
Whenever this minions cost changes for any reason it gains +2/+2


Cute stick
Destroy an enemy minion and summon a random friendly token minion that costs 1 mana