Forum Game - Create a card to counter the person's before you


The Lost Son’s Birthright
4 mana artifact
All friendly minions near your general without abilities gain one health and one attack at the end of both turns.


2 mana spell
Dispell enemy general and all the spaces arround it.


Draug the Merciless
Neutral General
This general does not have Bloodbound spell. Gain +1 attack each 2 friendly minions summoned in the game.
If this gets dispelled, dispel all enemy minions and generals.


Well if it does get dispelled it can’t activate the effect


Well for this case the effect remains like how most bosses cannot get dispelled…

So dispelling this general to remove the atk buff will dispel your general and your minions.


Oh OK.

Overload priestess
1 mana lyonar arcanyst
Cannot be dispelled, when ever a tile or unit is dispelled deal 1 damage to the enemy general.


1 Mana Songhai Spell
Deal 2 damage to an enemy


Nether Life Force
1 mana spell
give a minion +1 health and “heal to full health at the end of every turn”


3mana Abyssian Minion
Whenever any minion is healed, destroy it.


Blood suck
0 mana abyss spell
Deal 1 damage to a unit then heal a unit by 1.


Vampiric Inquisitor
3 mana 2/4
whenever a friendly minion is damaged or healed summon a 1/1 copy of it nearby


Chain of destruction
Select a enemy minion with 3 or less atk, and then destroy it and all other minion with the same name from the field, action bar, and deck.


Vampiric Inquisitor
Spanish Iquistion
Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition

What a horrendous Monty python joke.


Dev’s misconceptions
0 cost spell
Removal all Spanish players, cards and cards with the text “Spain” or “Spanish” from the game. Make an apology post on the forums.


Then that would mean kron would be gone.


Working as intended


Holy shit pls no.


Fake ID
2 mana
all Spanish players, cards, and cards with the text “Spain” or “Spanish” are renamed and given fake mustaches. apology post on the forums is ignored.


Border Security
4 Mana
Remove all fake ID’s and deal 5 damage to the enemy general for each one removed


Unfortunately, my 0 cost spell would remove your 2 cost spell, since it had the word Spanish in it. :man_shrugging: