Forum Game - Create a card to counter the person's before you


Blade Erosion
4 mana vetruvian spell
"Destroy all artefacts on the enemy general and deal 1 damage to the enemy general and nearby enemy minions for each artefact destroyed."

…wordy, but I can’t think of a more concise way to word it. :sweat_smile:


Eternal Blades
4 mana Vetruvian spell
Destroy all friendly artifacts and gain their effects. Restore 4 health for each artifact destroyed this way.


6 mana Spell
Dispell enemy general. The enemy general can no longer use his bbs.


7 Mana Spell
Heal your general to full, teleport them to their beginning side of the map and draw until you have 5 cards in hand.


7 mana artifact
whenever an enemy heals, teleports or draws a card, deal 4 damage to the enemy general and destroy a card in their deck


8 Mana Spell
Revert all spell effects of the previous turn and deal damage to the enemy general equal to twice the total mana cost of all the spells reverted.


unseen protector
3 mana
sentinel: spell cast
your general is immune to spell damage


1mana songhai spell
This turn, all spell that you cast will deal damage, ignoring spell damage immunity.


3 Mana
Neutral Structure

While Wardstone is in play, neither you nor your opponent may play spells.


Obsidian titan
7 mana
Opening gambit: summon random minions from your deck near all available spaces around your general. Your opponent randomly casts as just many spells from their deck.


The evil twin
Opening Gambit: Copy the opening gambit of any minion and play its effect. Return that minion to its owner’s action bar.


(Evil Twin counters Evil Twin, lul)

Bane the Unmade
4 Cost spell
Reduce the health of all minions in the enemy’s action bar by 3. Any minion’s whose health is reduced to 0 is discarded.


Spirit Armour
4 Mana Spell
Give all minions in your action bar +4 health.


2 mana songhai
remove all health buffs from all minions. they retain their abilities


Chained Champion
2 mana
Opening Gambit: Give this minion -3/-3


Micro cronoshift
Vetruvian spell 2 mana
Untill the begining of your next turn, all oppening gambits activate twice. Draw a card.


Raid golem
9 mana
Neutral golem
Forcefeild, Opening Gambit: Deal 13 damage to an enemy.


5 Mana 4/1
Ranged, Celerity
Opening Gambit : If The Tank and The Healer are also on board, the Raid Golem cannot be summoned

The Tank
4 Mana
Provoke, Forcefield
Opening Gambit : If The DPS and The Healer are also on board, the Raid Golem cannot be summoned

The Healer
4 Mana
Whenever this minion moves, restore 2 health to all friendly units around it
Opening Gambit : If The Tank and The DPS are also on board, the Raid Golem cannot be summoned


Wouldn’t an opening gambit ignore the destroy like that as it’s an opening gambit.


Oh, I see what you mean
Edit : changed it