Forum Game - Create a card to counter the person's before you


Mass Infusion
0 Mana Spell
Gain 1 Mana Crystal for every minion destroyed last turn. Any extra is instead dealt to the enemy general as damage.


Bean Counter
0 Mana
Give your opponent a counter for each Mana Crystal he has gained last turn, then take away a number of counters equal to the mana cost of the cheapest spell your opponent has cast last turn. Your opponent loses the game if he has at least one counter left.


Dead Drop
Neither player can gain mana crystals at the beginning of their turn.


Mana Burst
4mana Songhai Spell
Next turn, you have 9 mana crystal (only for a turn)

Both counters and compliments, apparently.


turn 3 khymera :sweat:

perfect reflection
0 mana
you now permanently have the same number mana crystals your opponent had last turn



1 mana legendary spell
reset both players mana crystals to 2.

The game starts from the beginning. :grin:


Does this card returns to the deck then, considering the game gets restarted?
Besides, don’t that end with huge p1 advantage because p2 starts with only 2 mana?

Fast Forward
2mana spell
Both players gain 2 permanent mana crystal.
If the game has been restarted, return to that point and skip the previous effect.


3 mana spell
both players have 0 mana for the next 2 turns. After that, Both players have -2 mana till the game ends.
Cannot be dispelled. (unless ur chuck norris)


Chuck Norris

??? mana
!!!/!!! Stats
Destroy All non-chuck Norris units before the game starts. If 2 or more Chuck Norris exist the universe gets destroyed.


general ability
If there is a chuck norris in ur opponents deck u win(turn 2 onwards)


But Chuck Norris wins before the game starts…


player ability.
u hack and destroy teh duelyst servers, steal all wins and remove chuck norris from the code.

try that


Factory reset

Restart the forum game to first post


3 mana, Neutral minion
Destroy a minion with Flying.


4 mana 3/4 Vetruvian Minion
"When a minion’s effect targets another Minion, destroy the targeting Minion."


Glass Protection
1 mana Magmar spell
Your minions are immune the turn you play them. Lasts until next turn.


Days Rest
2 mana Lyonar Spell
"Restore all minims to full health. All minions cannot move for both players next turn."


Magical enchancement
5mana Songhai spell
All friendly minions gain Ranged for this turn.


4 mana
Vanar vespyr
Infiltrate: Can not be damaged by ranged or blast minions.


Cap Shift
6 Mana Vanar Spell
"Swap all minions and Generals positions to the opposite side (middle row is unmoved)."