Forum Game - Create a card to counter the person's before you


1 Mana Spell
Negate all “This card can’t be played” effects currently active


The Anti-Meta Meta
0 mana spell

This card counters itself. No other cards can be played. This effect cannot be removed. No effect can stop this card from being played. Time is no longer a dimension. Space collapses on itself. Existence ceases. :skull_and_crossbones:


Time bending
Forum card
Invalidate this post as if it never existed.


Balance Patch
X Mana Spell

  • Spell restrictions bypassed
  • Effect removed
  • Existence reestablished
  • Space restructured
  • Time recalibrated




Overcharges post didn’t count, therefore, mine is valid.


Ah…ok then…



Starter Minion
1 mana 1/1

Can only be played after a Balance Patch :wink:


4 Mana 4/4
Nerf the last card the opponent played, into the ground.


Diamond golem
6 mana 5/11
Buff a card no one plays just enough that no one cares it got buffed.


2 Mana Spell
Make an unplayable minion viable


Toxin Sprayer
3 Mana (2/2) Minion
OG: “Give a nearby Minion Grow: -1/-1.”


Power Reverse
Vanar Spell
2 mana
Reverse a minion’s buff value (+ becomes - and vice versa)
Any effect from the minion that deals damage heals instead. Any effect that heals deals damage instead. Any buff that this minion grant to other minion is reversed to negative value. (debuffs turn into buffs as well)


Arcane redistribution
Vetruvian spell 2 mana
Take all buffs from one minion and put them on any other.

(This does not take the minions inate effects, such as ranged, it only takes the text found under a card while hovering over it gained through any sort of buff effect)

I think it would suit either Vetruvian, with all their stealing effects, or abyssian, because it feels grim. It’s at 2 mana because it’s a buff that requires at least 1 buffed minion on the field and another minion, so it’s highly situational.


Nice to see someone reading this.
Remember that time we used to post here?

(* crickets *)

Card Name
Cost / Stats


Mana Bomb
0 Mana Spell
Deal damage equal to your remaining mana crystals to all enemies


Prophet of the black hand
3 mana
When all friendly minions take damage at once, deal the combined damage to thhe enemy general.


The Counterer
2 mana
Opening Gambit: Transform an enemy minion into a 5/5 Counter.


Mark on inclusion

Transform all minions into 1/1 heralds that steal 2 health from the enemy general when destroyed.


one - i think you mean “with dying wish:steal 2 health”

two - funeral rites
5 mana spell
dispel all enemy minions and give them “dying wish: permanently lose 1 mana crystal”