Forum Game - Create a card to counter the person's before you


Search and Destroy
2 Mana Spell
Destroy a random enemy sentinel


Shadow Trickster
3mana Songhai sentinel
Sentinel : Spell cast
Spell that transformed this has its effect nulified.


Concealer of the Five Women
3 Mana 1/4
Sentinel effects cannot activate on your turn


Revealer of the Concealed

3 mana minion


All sentinel effects activate on your turn, on your actions (i.e minion summoned, spells cast, general attack).

Works bad with hundred-handed one, others are OK.


Arbiter of Worth
7 Mana, 7/7
Opening Gambit: destroy all minions with 3 or less cost.
Minions that cost 3 or less Mana cannot be played.


Sunset paragon…

Sunrise renegade
Neutral/minion/5 mana 2/3
At the end of each of your turns, destroy all nearby minions with oppening gambit.


grimey polymorph
5 mana 3/3
Opening Gambit: transform a friendly minion into a battle pet
Dying Wish: transform all enemy minions into battle pets


Vicious Fang
4 mana 3/5 epic minion
When this card is on board, ALL battle pets cannot act

wait it supports the prev card instead of countering it. My bad


Lover of the Vale
7 mana Lyonar
Opening Gambit: Destroy all Minions and all artifacts
Summon a Vale Hunter for everything destroyed this way on random spaces.
Zeal: this minion begins your turn exhausted, it cannot be targeted by spells

(I hate Divine Bond)


Mass Hysteria
6 mana spell
Take control of all minions of cost 2 or less and give them +1/+1


Herecy Hunter
4 mana 3/3
Oppening gambit: destroy all minions over which you lost control.


Lightning Blade
Songhai minion
3 mana 5/2
Sentinel: Opening Gambit activated
Negate the activation of Opening Gambit of the minion that transformed this.


4 mana minion

Expose a “Sentinel” minion. Its effect does not trigger.


It that watches
3 mana Abyssian sentinel
Sentinel: all three conditions must be activated
Whenever your opponent plays a card, add a -2 cost copy to your hand, summon a fiend, and give their general -1 attack.


Golden Seer
4 mana
Dispel a minion. If that minion transformed this game, destroy it and any cards of the same name on the field.


3 mana Lyonar Spell

Fall of Kings:

Deal damage to a minion equal to it’s cost.


Tricky Mage
3 Mana
Whenever a friendly minion would be dispelled dispel this minion instead.


cannon fodder
0 mana
whenever an enemy casts a targetable spell, change the target to this minion


4 Mana 7/1
Opening Gambit: Put a Cannonball into your hand

Cannon Ball:
0 Mana Spell
Choose a Space, if there is a minion on it deal 3 damage


Wet Gun Powder
1 mana Neutral spell

Destroy an opponent’s Cannon
Cannons can’t be played for the rest of the game