Forum Game - Create a card to counter the person's before you


we’ve used magesworn so many times now. sigh.


Inquisitors Sentinel
3 mana 1/3
Sentinel: spell cast
Whenever your enemy casts a spell, negate it and add it to your deck


That one Magesworn Hater
3 mana 3/3
Opening Gambit : Destroy ALL Magesworn and delete them from BOTH players’s deck. (includes Young Magesworn, Elder Magesworn and Magentor Warsworn up there)


Nopemaster Norman
5 Mana, 6/2 (neutral)
Whenever your opponent casts a minion, negate it and put a copy of it into your deck.

You guys are making it impossible to follow what’s happening in here.


You were trying to understand?! Huh…


:thinking: casting a minion huh?
do you mean summoning?


Bloodbound Chalice:
Neutral artifact 1 mana.
If your opponent would activate a minion effect that is triggered by you making an action from your action bar, equip a copy of this to your opponent. Whenever this is destroyed, you are defeated. Enter into a gauntlet vs your opponent in best of 5 when your general declares an attack. Every loss pings this artifact. This card in your hand or deck cannot be targeted or destroyed by spells.


The One Ring
0 mana artifact
ALL other artifacts have no effect. other artifacts lose extra durability instead of this one.


2 Mana
Choose and destroy an artifact, deal 2 damage to all enemies for every point of durability remaining on that artifact.


Dev’s apology aka patch notes
0 Mana spell
Remove all copies of bloodbound chalice from the game. Any and all loses suffered in games where this card were present are rewritten as draws and your rank is adjusted appropriately.

@oranos, That terminology is a relic of my MTG days, you know what I meant. Now stay on topic.

End bringer
3 Mana, 0/8 neutral minion
If an artifact equipped to your general is destroyed, the enemy general takes 5 damage.


Card Binder
5-mana minion

You can only activate one card per post.


4 Mana 3/5
OG : Destroy an enemy minion with 0 attack


Reprieve for the Fallen
2 Mana Lyonar Artifact
When a friendly minion dies, heal your general an amount equal to it’s base hp.


6 mana
BOTH players cannot equip artifacts that costs 2 mana or less. Destroy ALL Artifacts that costs 2 mana or less.



3 mana minion

OG: Repair all the friendly artifacts up to 5 durability.
All friendly artifacts cost 2 more and have 2 more durability.

This doesn’t counter the effect on sunstone bracers…but who cares about them anyway?)


3 Mana Spell
Deal 3 damage to a minion, if this destroys the minion, deal 1 damage thrice to the enemy general.


@phayze, technically it should be “1 damage 5 times” to destroy all the artifacts.


High Healer.

7 mana minion

OG: until the beginning of your next turn, if an allied minion would die it’s left on the board with 1 health instead.


I thought the +2 durability was a continous effect since it wasn’t part of the OG

Hidden Blade
5 Mana Artifact
Give your general deathstrike, whenever your general destroys a minion, ignore all effects on board (including ones affecting that minion).


I think you meant to say “dispel”


Curious Business Partner Bob
Vet Sentinel
Spell cast.
Exhume rift mode. if your opponent’s spell that transforms this minion cost less than 9 mana, challenge your opponent to a best of 5 in rift. If this ability successfully activates, it does not affect your rank.