Forum Game - Create a card to counter the person's before you


Bound Bladehorn
2-Mana, Magmar Artifact
When this is destroyed, draw a card and your General gains +2 Attack.


This was easy.


Generous Smith
4 mana 4/5
Opening Gambit : Repair a random artifact from each player to full.


Crumble to Dust
3 Mana Neutral Spell
Destroy artifacts on both generals, you draw a card for every point of durability left on your artifacts

@genkei you’re missing the point


Sounds like a Vetruvian spell to me thanks to the name

Besides, don’t this end up with yet another artifact that benefits when damaged?

Red Herring
Whenever anything that destroys artifact is played, this artifact is destroyed instead.
Each time this artifact takes damage, repair this Artifact to full durability.


Envious craftsman
3 mana 3/3
At the end of both players turn, deal 3 damage to the each general for every artifact they have equipped.


Gold Gladiator
4mana 7/6 Lyonar Minion
Opening Gambit : The enemy general equips Gladiator Sword

Gladiator Sword
Your general has +1 Attack.


artificer’s seal
2 mana spell
destroy an artifact on your general to destroy an enemy minion


5 Mana Spell
Resummon the next friendly minion that dies on a tile near your general


Judgement day
Lyonar/ spell/ 7 mana
Destroy all minions. Nothing can be summoned on your turns.


8 Mana Songhai Spell
Deal 3 Damage to the enemy general for each empty tile near them. Deal 1 bonus damage if all spaces around them are empty.


OP needs to be 10 mana


I think it’s fine xdd


Lyonar/spell/4 mana
Untill your next turn, damage delt to your general is also delt to enemies general, and vice versa.


Emphathy… Symphaty… oh wait–
0 mana spell
Convert every minion and general on duelyst to Anime Girls

Savage Revenge
5 mana magmar spell
Deal damage to enemy general equal to damage taken to your general since last turn (damage count resets each player end turn)


Perfect armor
3 mana attifact
Give your general forcefield


Energy Manipulator
6 mana minion
ALL forcefields do not absorb damage. Double the damage taken to anything with forcefield the first time damage was dealt.


Use The Force
5-mana spell

Transfer Forcefield on one of your units to an enemy.


Solar Flare
3 mana spell
stun ALL minions without forcefield


Urge to move
2mana spell
Remove all Stun effects on all friendly minions and general.