Forum Game - Create a card to counter the person's before you



I don’t think this game has been done on the forums here before, but I’m not 100% sure.

The way it goes is someone will make a card, and then someone else replies with a card that counters the card the other person made.

For example:

Generic Minion

…then someone replies with…

Generic Spell
Deal 1 damage.

Obviously try to make them a little more interesting than that though :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll start with this minion:

Sphinx Hawk
2-Mana, Vetruvian
Flying. Receives 1 less damage from spells.


Soul harvester
3 mana,Abyssian
Deal 2 damage to every minion your opponent summons


Harvester Lord
5 mana 5/6
Opening Gambit : Take control of all minions with ‘Harvester’ in their name, excluding Harvester Lord.


I see this ramping to infinity sooner rather than later. :sweat_smile:

My card…
Harvester God
9 mana 9/9
OG: Discard your opponent’s deck.


Achilles Heel
3-Mana, Lyonar Spell
Destroy a minion with a combined Attack and Health of 10 or more.

Edit: haha, didnt see isbee’s


Card maniac
4mana, neutral
Whenever the size of your deck decreases,deal 2 damage to the enemy general


Eternalized Knowledge
6 mana Magmar spell
Choose a card in your hand. Whenever you would draw a card, add that card to your hand instead.

(I just want this to make Vaath’s attack over 10^300)


Dull Blades
2 Mana Spell
Whenever the enemy general casts a spell, they have -2 attack



BOTH Players cant play any spells that are 2 mana or less.

(Wait a second…)


3 mana neutral Sentinel
Sentinel : Spell casted
Reverse the spell effect of any non-targetted spells casted by opponent.


Watching Widow
4-Mana, 3/5
Whenever a Sentinel activates, draw a Sentinel from your deck. It costs 1 less.


Revealing Mists
3 Mana Songhai spell
Reveal, disable and dispel all sentinels


Watchful Guardian
3 Mana 2/3
Sentinel: Spell Cast
Whenever someone would cast a spell, negate it and deal two damage to your general.


0 mana Songhai spell
Draw a card.

Oh wait


3 Mana 3/3 Neutral
Whenever someone draws a card, deal 1 damage to all enemies.


Number Maniac
7 mana 7/7 neutral minion
Both players cannot play any minions that has x mana x/x.
(1 mana 1/1, 2mana 2/2 and so on)


3-Mana, 2/4
Opening Gambit: Give all minions in your action bar +1 Attack.


2 Mana
1/2 Neutral Minion
Whenever your opponent summons a minion, give it -1 health


Lazy Executioner
3 mana
3/3 Neutral Minion
Opening Gambit: Put a “Mutilate” in your action bar.

0 mana
Destroy a minion with 1 or less attack.

Ayy i like doing this with pokemon :slight_smile:


Young Magesworn
3 mana Neutral Minion
BOTH players cannot use spells that costs 1 mana or less.