Forum Game: CPG Balance Requests


Could we make Saberspine Tiger 3 mana 3/3? I don’t think tigers see enough play :slight_smile:


make Saberspine Tiger a 4/1 again


Dear CPG why in the frack does polarity not work on generals? It makes no sense!


You know, I was thinking the same thing about Punish.


Yes. Or natural selection. We’re all minions in the eyes of Duelyst’s RNGod.


Dear CP:

Can you make it so that when I play against Vanar, all of my minions instantly vaporize upon hitting the board. It would save both players a lot of time.



Dear CPG:

Can you give Vanar a new keyword: Nope

What Nope will do, is nope all of your opponents minions with a random removal, when it hits the board.

I believe that this should push Vanar out of obscurity, and give it a few new viable decks




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