Forum Game: CPG Balance Requests


Dear CPG

Can we maybe discuss the real cancer of this meta and all of duelyst? Ghost Lynx! This card is so menancing nobody uses it! It needs to be nerfed pronto! Stat’s changed to 0/1 opening gambit “teleport itself off the board and Sudoku itself ”. This is my last request and this will surely fix everything I am certain!

Thank you, and remember to hold onto your butt cheeks. Good night and good luck!


Actually Mechaz0r! costs 7 :sunglasses:


How come Mechaz0r! is the only minion that gets a “!” in its name? Are other cards not exciting enough for any of you?! I say we buff specifically Captain Dank Hart to have 3 "!"s in its name. In this brutal children’s card game, we have to be sure there’s at least 1 hero we can kinda trust maybe.


Captain! Hank! Hart!
You mean like that?


There you go! Doesn’t that just sound more heroic?


It! sounds! like!
Prophet! Of! The! White! Palm!

pls buff him to 2/1


NO! Prophet’s already too op! I say we make prophet 2 mana and make it so only the enemy is immune to spell damage!


Cpg please Un-nerf lilithes cleavage, she is borderline unplayable after that change


I legitimately thought this was the meme thread before I read that and looked at the title again.


Dear Counter Play Games
Could you please buff circulus to a 1/7, because we all like to see the world burn, right?
-Sincerely EpicFlygon


Buff Spiral to 2 Mana and Buff PFire to 1 mana and 7 damage


Huh. with old entropic gaze, 2 mana spiral technique looks like it could actually happen. lul.


Dear CPG

Make Zi’ran S-tier.

That is all.


Dear CPG

Make me S-tier.

That is all.


Dear counterplay games,
#your game is the brokeden’d
When I tried to put all my sirPentis into my deck, it gave me error saying 3x limit or some bs.



I agree I need to be able to fill my decks with Joseki!


Joseki should be an 8 mana where you swap hands and decks


Introducing Joseki’s distant relative: Josekiss

" Make your opponent beg for mercy!" - Kelaos’s Kiss of Death


This might as well be integrated into the meme thread, it’s hard to tell the difference a lot of the time