Forum Game: CPG Balance Requests


Dear CPG,
Please buff Kara Winterblade hair to cover rest of her head ಠ_ಠ
Right now she’s pretty underhaired…


Dear CPG,

Please make Sunsteel Defender a two drop for everyone. Magmar shouldn’t be advantaged.

Sincerely, an Argeon player.


Dear CPG

  • It doesn’t make sense how Peacekeeper lacks Rush keyword, he’s supposed to own all keywords at once!
  • Divine Bond should’ve been castable on generals. Why generals can’t have divine powers when their minion does, that’s nonsense!
  • Zurael, The Lifegiver should’ve filled the entire board with random minions, doesn’t make sense why’d a lifegiver gives lives ONLY to those deceased last turn. Also consider those that are dead on the field in the past.
  • Scion’s Third Wish is horrible, it’d see play if it gives +3/+3 and Blast to ANY friendly minion.


Dear Counter Play Games

Can you please nurf chrysalis burst to 9 mana as it is limiting design space in the eggmar archetype.

I have a slight fealing that cpg might actually take these into account lul.


I think that means it worked


Dear Counterplay,

Can you make it so that everyone I play against is forced by the coding to instaconcede. I want to be the top ranked player forever and ever…and not have to do any actual work for it.
Nerf Wraithlings to be 0/0 when they spawn?


You’re all wrong.

Nobody will ever say “Dear” and “please”, when it comes to requesting something, just use a title like :

Cardname fix now

And don’t forget, no “hello”, no “please”, just imperative form with “change this” and “do that”.



Pls nerf acanist and magmar




When you miss all the leg days and attend all the arm days




Dear CPG

-Can we make chrysalis burst 6 random eggs now that it cost 6 mana and nobody plays it anymore? Also I propose all eggs hatch into juggernauts cause c’mon we need more golem eggs!

-Can we make Mechazor a arcanyst please? Emp is a golem for crikeys sake! Plus I want Blue Conjurer to give me mechazors! Need more Blue Conjurer rng!

-Can we just make mana death grip give me all 9 mana please? Must…need…more …RAMP!

-Can we make lavaslasher opening gambit “hits itself in the face for 4 dmg” Pretty please!

-Can we make Owlbeast Sage opening gambit “turn all arcanyst into owls”??? I want all my arcanyst to have a 1000 health and hit someone with polarity every game.

-can we make crossbones opening gambit “kill mechazor! If successful kill enemy general also!”. Still a tech card but so much more playable!

Thanks! Love you cpg! Keep on trucking!


Y u no nerf swamp entangler? 0/3 provoke OP. Rank 30 coz noobz provoke me minions and prevent smorc.


Counterplay games, I implore you to make Prophet of the White palm a 9/9.
Right now it has simply vanished from all but a few select swarm-like decks, and I think a decently sized, cheap body that prevents any and all spell damage the following turn would really improve design space and force players to use their cards in creative and impactful ways, while also providing a healthy tech card against Vanar as a class.


I think that we’re all missing the point here. CP needs to nerf the Ladder System NAO! It should obviously be The one WHo is ranked the highest wins!?!?!?!?! Rank 30 is so much betterer than ranks 0! GOB, it’s so dumb how puple who doOOOnt have a nudaer are soo))))000 GUDD at being unnudered. GOsh


Dear CPG,

I forgot to include this last time I wrote to you but I feel this request is of the utmost importance. I think we all deserve at the very least 30 more prismatic Serpenti for waiting for gauntlet to come back for this long!

Godspeed CPG! Good night and good luck!


dEaR CpG,

pLz NeRf PlAnAr ScOuT

1 mAnA iS tOo StRoNg FoR pUtTiNg It AnYwHeRe On ThE bOaRd


Imps are, like, seriously op, like, why do they have that 1 attack, you know? It’s like, why does my opponent get to killed them, like, you know, to do his deathbitch thingy?! It’s like, totally not fair and I litteraly, like, die and all, every time I died, to like, that shadowy dude, who, like, you knows, grows stronger, you know, every time something like, dies for reals?! Btw, that is totaly like creepy and all, the entire faction, shouldn litteraly, like, just be erased, like, they are totaly creepy and gross you know, so like, only creepy and gross people play tem, like totaly messed up, you get me? Also, whats the deal with that Dancing Hooker, like, where does she pull al those Imps from, like literraly immpossible, and like, why does she make a Imp on the spot another imp, like, just died on, thats like seriously, like totaly, morbid and gross, like that totaly needs to change as well, you know? Im so angry at cpg right now, I like, Litteraly, can’t even…


Guys i actually think that Varax OG effect isnt clear at all, ya know, the hell means “your BS its now AWESOME”. Obviously the card needs a rewrite to understand his mechanic better when its summoned.

(Not salty because i play Lyonar-Vetr control/agro at all).


you know for a long time I thought Kara was a guy…