Forum Game: CPG Balance Requests


Can you give Mechaz0r rush and celerity please? I feel like it’s not impactful enough.

For those reading longer than just 1 sentence, I thought it’d be fun and stupid to put up silly buff/nerf requests. This could be just for fun, but might also pose a better and comedic spin towards those times when players are looking to rant and complain. (Surprising to me, I don’t fit into this at moment lol.)

To get the ball rolling, I’d like to make another request of making Swamp Entangler’s health 2 from 3; I don’t like how it can survive my general’s attack.


Dear Counter Play Games

Could you please give black locust rush as right now it is not seeing enough play and this will make it viable!

Sincerely flygon.

Necro Edit: kopiuyt’s post made me die with laughter, good job!


Please, CPG, make divine spark draw 3 cards.

… Pretty please :magsad:


Dear CP,
Why aren’t I winning in life? I’ve got my 3 prismatic Serpenti already so shouldn’t I just win at this point? Too unbalanced, pls buff :unamused:


Hey CPG could you make Bloodmoon give Wraithlings Rush


Dear CPG, can you please:

  • make greater fortitude cantrip, so i dont run out of cards

  • make faie’s hand bigger, so i can have all the cards I want

  • make circulus 4 health because now it dies to phoenix fire and tiger. You can lower the attack to 0 so now it can be balanced

  • lower spectral revenant cost to 6, since it has 6 attack and 6 defense it’s only fitting that it costs 6

  • lower kaleos’s blink range to 1, those kaidos are too threatening otherwise

  • increase blue conjurer stats to compensate for the rng he has

  • make flash freeze able to stun general too because right now its bad because i have already cleared all my oponnents minions, duh

  • reskin trinity wing to a lighter blue, it will look better in my faie deck

  • just weaken songhai a bit in general i feel they’re too stronk right now. Just today i was controlling the match, with all the board stunned + enfeebled to ensure nothing wrong could happen and i got bursted with callighrapher + saberspine seal combo. That’s 9 mana 6 damage, crazy stuff plus refill hand with usefull spells like artifact deffiler to destroy my white asp, thank god i cut it for more removal

Sincerely, a Vanar main (my alt is magmar btw)


This legitimately made me laugh out loud SO hard.

Dear Counterplay(LUL) Games

  • Aymara is a 5/5 that heals for 5 and deals 5. Why does it cost 6!? Change pls.

  • Tiem Male-storm should affect all friendly minions and give them flying and +4 attack because that’s what you get for f*cking with the time stream

  • Mekenter Jizus iz op, I put my minions in a donut formation and they got blown up harder than the players in CoD do by C4

  • Chromatic Cold only dispels tiels? Y u no dispel their whole hand and their BBS!?! BUFF PLS.


All I can think of at the moment lmao

@seraphicreaper Maybe you should tag Ryv,
I kinda want his reaction lol




Grandmaster Variax is too hard to cast now. Can we make Darkfire Sacrifice reduce the cost of your next minion by 3? Kthx.


Actually can we make it reduce the cost by 9? k. thx.


Nah, that’s to much. They’d have to give it the same nerf as flash, making it impossible to stack multiple sacrifices.


hai gaiz my name is the2ndgoku and id like to just gif my pinion on the game rn and the nerfs and buffs that need to happen

  • All the 1 mana spells in Vanar should draw a card when you cast them, like Aegis Shield and Aerial Rofl. This would make up for their lack fo carddraw

  • Magmar should get Vetern Silihtar’s stats nerfed, it keeps spawning back and rekking my face k thx

  • The board should be pentagon tiles instead of quadraped tile because then it would make it easier to surround you ropponent with minmins


The cringe… It hurts my brain.


Dear CPG, could you:

  • Make lavaslsher not get countered whenever he attacks because he dies to easily

  • Change Elucidator’s opening gambit to deal 4 damage to the enemy general because he doesn’t do enough damage without Thumping wave

  • Make Meltdown cost 7 with 7/7 bloodsurge: deal seven damage to the enemy general because he isn’t strong enough

Sincerely, a humble net-decker


I can’t believe Spectral Revenant doesn’t have Celerity. Isn’t Abyssian supposed to have a strong lategame?

0/10 :unamused:


Wait can we do cards that were in the game i.e giving blazing orb to neutral?


Dear CPG,
Vetruvian nerf wen? Blood of Air should only target enemies near your general to keep up with the theme.


Dear CPG,
Could you make Phalanxar’s leg a bit tougher? No wonder his HP is 1; his skinny leg barely keep up with his humongous body.
Oh, as alternative you can throw his weapon too. At least he can walk all four after that.




Dear CPG,
Could you make Jaxi a 0/1? He still uptrades too effectively and his little dude can shoot stuff from so far away.