Forum Game: Clone a Card


The rule is: I or someone else picks a card from whatever faction (or neutral if possible), and describes that same card but fits it into another faction.

The first card for this game is Mandrake. 12 mana, 6/6, Cost 1 less for each minion summoned from ANY player’s action bar this game.

If I could clone this card for Lyonar (Zir’An), it would be like: 12 mana, 5/5. Provoke, Cost 1 less for each time ANY player’s unit is healed this game.

I’m really curious what can people come up with :smile:

Reminder: This is in good fun. Nothing related with developers or something.


Alright, let’s try it :smiley:

Crescent Spear + Abyssian = Shadow Spear

1 Mana Artifact

Gain 1 Attack. Friendly Shadow Creep deals +1 damage.


I’m gonna go there

Siphon Energy + Any other faction =

Commandeer Power
0 mana
Dispel an enemy minion


Lantern Fox + Abyssian: OOZ?!?!?!?

Ok for real :stuck_out_tongue:

Lantern Fox + Abyssian (Lilithe)

ZOO: 2 mana, 3/3. Battle Pet Whenever this minion takes damage, summon a 1/1 Wraithling.


I like it.

Pax + Songhai = Sax

2/1 battle pet. Dying wish: summon 2 heartseekers nearby


vorpal reaver + lyonar = excelsious… oh wait

but for real
tusk boar + vetruvian = flame dervish

1 mana 2/3 dervish
ethereal (disappear at end of turn same as wind dervishes)


Natural Selection + Abbyssian = Kill The Giant

Spell 3 mana

Kill minion with highest attack


Grandmaster Zir + Magmar = Grandmaster Lyell

7 mana,
Opening gambit: split each of your generals into two units with half the health and attack as the original (rounded up).


Hehehe, and then play 3 consecutively I guess? And then fear the Tempest :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s see if I understand this game.

Winter’s Wake + Vetruvian
Structure’s Strike
8 mana
"All friendly structures gain +5/+5 and can move. These structures no longer spawn dervishes if they did before."



IMO Duelyst really needs more cards like Grandmaster Zir.


Yes you do ;D

Post must be at least 15 characters :stuck_out_tongue:


I think better wording would be "all friendly structures become minions and gain +5/5"
since structures cannot gain attack from buffs or attack even it they did have the points for it


Plasma Storm + Vetruvian = AoE at Last! (Heh, I mean Sandstorm)

5 Mana Spell
Destroy all minions with MORE than 3 attack


Chromatic cold + Magmar

Mana Burn
2 Mana Spell
Dispel a space. Deal 2 damage to the enemy minion or General on that space.



9 mana
Deal damage to equal to the amount of health you have restored this game to all enemies

Okay that’s a little silly.

Ironcliffe Guardian + Songhai
Jade Protector
5 mana 0/12
Damage dealt to this minion by other minions is dealt to them as well.


Grand Master Zir + Vetruvian.

7 mana, 4/12 When your general dies, it becomes an artifact and it’s equipped on this minion. If this minion dies or the artifact breaks, you lose. At the end of every turn, restore the artifact’s durability by 1.

I couldn’t come up with a cool name :confused:


Love the jojo reference.


artifact defiler + abyssian = artifact corrupter
4 mana
all equipped enemy artifacts gain “deal 2 damage to your general”


Probably yeah. The phrasing was a little awkward,