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Forum community cards! We make fun of thanny here too! Plz dont ban me


Memes brought to life.







Me :>







Also, this.


Oh man that made me laugh.


Good, that’s the idea :smiley:


These are quite good


One of the key points to Alplod’s card is that it had synergy with Infinite Sarlacs, it being bounced to hand also means it can be milled. :confused:


The cards where mine, he just put them into bagoum. Teehee.


I tried to bring them to life with cards that represent the idea behind them. When I have time, I can redo Alplods.


I could have also made him an Arcanyst but I guess the returned is fine.




its balanced because it can transform itself


I like how overpowered my card is… It’s exactly what Kaleos needs to be in the top tier of the meta
It might be even better than (R.I.P.) Battle Panddo.
R.I.P. = Rotated In Pain


Yup, the drawing card part is because I distinctly remember you saying that bakezori is good because Kaleos needs another draw engine and I also wanted him to have move synergy as well. I wonder if this card existed would it take Kaleos to tier 1-0 status.


Decided to create a bit more.

2 mana abyssian minion

Opening Gambit: Destroy all nearby friendly Wraithlings and or Shadowcreep and deal 2 damage to enemies for each destroyed.

Eurasianjay’s influence
0 mana songhai spell
Cast this again (Effect does not apply on that cast)

2 mana vetruvian dervish
Opening Gambit: Summon a random Obelysk in front of this minion.

He is being more active on forums so I decided to make this.

3 mana lyonar minion
Opening Gambit: Summon a 1/2 Crestfallen infront of this minion.
Dying Wish: Draw a card for each friendly minion with 1 attack (Goes by base attack)

4 mana songhai minion
Opening Gambit: Give a friendly minion backstab(2): draw a card.
Whenever this minion moves in any way, nearby friendly minions gain +1/+1.

3 mana abyssian minion
Opening Gambit: Draw a card with Deathwatch.
At the end of your turn play your bloodborn spell.

5 mana neutral golem
Oppening Gambit: Summon a Primus Sheildmaster, Emerald Rejuvinator or Chakram nearby this minion.

4 mana vetruvian mech
Oppening Gambit: Progresses Mechaz0r build by +20%
Dying Wish: Add a Mech from your deck to your hand.

5 mana neutral minion
Opening Gambit: Both players draw a card.
At the end of your turn transform an enemy minion into this and trigger its opening gambit.

@phayze tagging you incase you want to bring these to life.




Pretty much my reaction to whenever he posts a thread.

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