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Forum community cards! We make fun of thanny here too! Plz dont ban me


I dunno how to react to this. Looks like our thoughts converge, @loliconartist. I made such a thread a while earlier…

If you also start making threads in which you admonish community, and then will be banned from the game for some reason, memeing will be the only thing left for me… Or nothing :sweat:


Admonish community? Nani?
Also, your sayin if im gone, the only thing left for you would be memes?

Feels good


Or no, I just described my life here. You don’t need to be banned.

Admonish maybe not the best word here. But I don’t know better.





@loliconartist: 6 mana 3/3
Opening Gambit: Recreate a preexisting thread.


Don’t worry, you will forever be remembered from #bringbackalplod :stuck_out_tongue:


3/5 5 mana
Vanar minion
Bloodbound: summon a howler next to your general.
Dying wish: summon 3 howlers next to it.


Print this card for next expansion^^^


Finally some Doom support.


I’m sorry snowshot but Deathwatch is an Abyssian only toy they get to use as they please. :cry:


Damn ok, lemme fix it


Let’s just say I’m glad you’re not on the design team lol…


Galactic Doomsayer
9 mana Abyssian 8/8
Opening Gambit: DOOM the enemy general. All copies of Doom in your deck and action bar now costs 2 and become “Progress enemy DOOM counter by 1 turn.”

DOOMsday Clock [Duelyst is DOOMED]

Droppable on t2… p2


man the design team need one like me to make the game fun and interactive


Holy shit. Nerf DFS.


Jiro’s Battery
4 mana Songhai Spell
Summon an Ace Firing Squad.

Ace firing squad: 5 copies of Ace in the back row

Dearest Isabella
6 mana 3/10
Whenever this minion takes damage, summon a furious wraithling nearby.


I like it, although might be too good.

Drop abjudicator on turn 8 with a bunch of Doom in hand then win next turn


I thought you were the one who wanted Doom support!


Balanced Doom support, mind you. If we make it tier 0, everyone will jump on the bandwagon