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Forum community cards! We make fun of thanny here too! Plz dont ban me


Create cards of fellow community members here, or of anything really.
But mainly to jest and poke at chat mates


@epicflygon how bout here instead xd


Thanatos noa
Neutral minion
0 mana 1/1
Opening gambit: turn all text on all generals and cards in each players decks and hands invisible
lets leave that discoverable


Works for me.

Malicious Wisp has a special place in my heart as it was the first card I got to reveal and it’s not just because I like denying my opponent fun.





Nah the effect is oppening gambit.

Oppening Gambit: Summon a Serpenti soon™.


Epic flygon (mk 2)
2 mana 1/1
Opening gambit: replace your deck with malious wisps


Ah yes, the ultimate “You cannot play the game card.”


Yeah but youd have no lategame left, so you need to hold some finishers in your hand or something


We already had a thread like this before, and it was my favorite ever! So glad to see it brought back. :sirpenti:


Who needs a late game when your oppenent’s permanently stuck in the early game?


@genericCPGdev cmon gimme a name like zurael the thread reviver or something


Thats almost true. If they can kill some wisps they pretty much get out then win


If they answer it you just play one next turn, they have already lost so much resources and tempo dealing with your wisps that you can just play more and win with some decetly statted bois.


Its true tbh riperronies


Neutral minion
5 mana
As your opponents turn starts, they start roping
This minion cant be targeted by spells or abilities
im too old for this, hurry up!


I have had many a card made of me, let me find some

3 mana
Abyssian minion 3/2

At the end of your turn, the cost of the most expencive spell in your deck or action bar is lowered by 1.

made by alplod


There was a phase we went through a long time ago, where we made card memes of forumers and card memes in general. I think I still have the ones I made saved if you want me to share them.





Im pretty sure there was a whole thread about these. Also, this will be a better @epicflygon card.
4 mana 4/3
Opening gambit: Gain an empty mana crystal.
Dying wish: Summon a Malicous wisp and trigger its Opening Gambit.