Forum badges - How to get them ALL


Eyos be praised, we got a badge system on the forums. And now you can get Duelyst-themed badges, so get ready to CATCH THEM ALL.

This topic is a compilation of this page and all individual badge pages. It is intended to be a forum-indexed guide for people wanting to get badges and wear them as a title or user card.


  • All badges can be displayed as user cards from your profile. Choose your own user card!
  • Multiple badges can be earned multiple times.
  • Wearable badges can be displayed as a title for the world to see!
  • Currently (08/02/16), you can only wear one badge: Artist.
  • Gaining Maw grants you new forum skills: PMs, wiki editing, flagging, multiple images and links posting.

First things first LIGHTBENDER - read the welcome post WINGS OF MECHAZ0R! - read the community guidelines SHIRO PUPPY DRAGON - fill out your user profile and choose a profile picture

Activity PRIMUS FIST - make your very first post! JAXI - edit one of your posts, you wrote that first one too fast KUJATA - mention @someone in one of your posts VINDICATOR - quote a post in your reply MAW - enter 5 topics or read 30 posts or spend 10 minutes reading stuff SPELLJAMMER, multiple - read a topic that has more than 100 replies HAMON BLADESEEKER, multiple - be among the top 25% posters of the month LUX IGNIS, multiple - be around the forums for a year and post at least ONCE

Competition and contests SPELLBINDER MAGUS, multiple, wearable - win the Alcuin Archive Challenge! ARTIST, multiple, wearable - win an official Duelyst fanart contest!

Likes HEALING MYSTIC - like a post :heart: PLANAR SCOUT - receive your very first like :heart: DARSPINE ELEMENTAL - receive at least 1 like on 20 posts SUN SEER - receive at least 2 likes on 100 posts WIND SHRIKE - receive at least 5 likes on 300 memes posts [SWAMP ENTANGLER]
(, multiple - receive 10 likes on a reply AETHERMASTER, multiple - receive 25 likes on a reply WHISTLING BLADE, multiple - receive 50 likes on a reply for its rethoric, or memes VOID HUNTER, multiple - receive 10 likes on a topic PURGATOS, THE REALMKEEPER, multiple - receive 25 likes on a topic ZEN’RUI, multiple - receive 50 likes on a topic for its usefulness, or memes CANNON OF MECHAZ0R! - like 10 posts and receive 20 likes PADDO - display your universal affection: like 1000 posts and receive 500 likes SWORD OF MECHAZ0R! - use up your 50 daily likes (please spam thoughtfully) EMERALD REJUVENATOR - use up your 50 daily likes 5 times SUNSTONE TEMPLAR - you are love, you are life: use up your daily likes 20 times

Sharing links HEARTH-SISTER - link another topic or post in a post ENVYBAER, multiple - receive 50 clicks on a forum or external link you shared GRINCHER, multiple - receive 300 clicks on a forum or external link you shared MECHAZ0R!, multiple - receive a wooping 1000 clicks on a link you shared! CHASSIS OF MECHAZ0R! - someone joined the forums via a link you shared CHAOS ELEMENTAL - 3 Maw-level members joined the forum via a link you shared HELM OF MECHAZ0R! - share forum content with the outside world via the share button SHADOWDANCER, multiple - attract 25 outside visitors via shared forum content LANTERN FOX, multiple - attract 300 outside visitors via shared forum content THE HIGH HAND - you shared a link to the forums that attracted 1000 external visitors!

Security SILVERGUARD SQUIRE - flag a post (please do not flag irresponsibly)


HERALD OF EYOS - only @humans has it :open_mouth:

Please refrain from spamming your way through badges. These are meant to enhance your community experience, not turn you into the forum-lurker version of Serpenti :>

Sources: discourse trust levels, Duelyst official forums

Feel free to share your own badge-related observations or quests!

Since everyone is making an introduction, zezetels here
Sup? Mango here :D
Forum Badges Revamp!
We need a fixed post for duelyst memes
This thread's title has finally been decided on

Bit of a shame how they’re all so out of sight and plain looking.


Indeed. Well, at least I’ve got the quote badge now.


:airplane::european_castle: And now I’ve gotten both quote and emoji one. Badge system working as intended, making us shitpost in order to get plain looking badges, woo~ !


The badges of the old forum were quite cool and followed the flavor of the game - I hope they will be implemented soon :>


you I like you :scream:


And then everyone started quoting everyone.


@Okojo thanks for the list braa :heart_eyes: (sorry to bother I just want the mention badge)


@okojo have you seen this list?


Yes, that’s my source. I searched details for trust levels and such :>
It’s a bit weird that not all of discourse’s badges are listed, tho, since you can actually unlock them but they will not show on your profile. I guess CP is still upgrading the forums atm.


Update: @alexicon1 confirmed that all badges should be listed there :>


Updated with the actual Duelyst badges!

Edit: corrected list of unavailable badges. Pandora is still on hold for now.

Edit’s edit: Pandora has been removed from the official list of badges. Let’s hope she comes back later for a new badge :>


Liking my way through @emil’s posts. They’re all deserved!


There you go! That’s the kind of support that deserves to be rewarded with a badge <3
(In the meantime, take my like.)


No serpenti badge :disappointed: Feelsbadman I’m sure he will get his someday :snake:


…and it better be the most awesomest or lamest badge to ever see the light of day.

SERPENTI - Beg a mod until someone grants you this badge or a rework of Serpenti. Sheer willpower, bro!

@Ryvirath @alexicon1 This is an official suggestion.


Uuh… Permission to flag this post to earn the Silverguard Squire badge? :sweat_smile:


Please don’t :<

Think of the baby serpentis back at home :<


Oh, sh*t! You’re right! I would never do anything that may cause any harm to them! :innocent:


Thank you!

Now I can go back to experimenting on those sick little beasts. One day they’ll bring your DOOM!