Forging Ahead in New Season with Control Cassyva (Updated) (November S-Rank)


Hi all, this is the Cassyva control deck I used to hit S-Rank in the November season.

Why control over aggro?

  1. Because playing control decks is fun, and playing aggro decks makes me feel dumb.

  2. The current environment in Diamond/S-Rank.
    At the end of last season people are shoving Flameblood Warlock in each other’s faces, but that has stopped happening as of now. In this new slower environment where people are not playing the most aggressive variants of their respective decks, control decks are given a chance to breathe.

  3. Better matchups.
    Right now, Control Faie is doing especially well on ladder, and is good at stalling out faster versions of Cassyva due to Vanar’s strong arsenal of removal spells. Yet this deck, which seeks to secure the end game, has a consistently good matchup against Faie.
    Also, this deck has a slight edge in mirror matchups simply by virtue of having more threats. But then, I guess Cassyva mirror is really just about who draws Spectral Revenant first and how many.

The way to play this deck is pretty straightforward. Try your hardest to clear the board in the early game while staying healthy and spreading creep. Kill enemy Spell Jammers because you have Rift of the Undervault. Save key cards like Spectral Revenant and Obliterate for late game swing. Once you cast Rift of the Undervault and won’t die the next turn, you have probably won the game.

And that’s pretty much it. Please give me any suggestions or comments you have. Thanks for reading, and you know, let’s make Control great again.


No issues or bad feelings with Skorn+Abyssal Crawler ?

Used to play both in some Control Cass too and it was regularly giving me headache and felt guilty on sacrificing …


Yeah Crawler and Skorn are definitely anti-synergistic… Hopefully by the time I drop Skorn I have already got some value out of the Crawler.
I do feel bad in that situation, but I would also grin if the Crawler baits out a bloodtear alchemist from the opponent.


Thanks for the decklist, I was having an issue on deciding whether to craft ghost zazlea or not because it is waaaaaaayyy too exp. And because my main faction is nerfed to oblivion cough control Sajj cough


But usually people run obliterate instead of ghost azalea which has the same cost… I mean, there’s really no way of “cheaping your way out” of a creep deck.


Dude, I dont have enough spirit to get two, so I jsut crafted one. That was my question, because I see people running 1-off’s. You dont go craft two of’s when you dont even have the dust to make it work and end up using only 1 out of the 2 you just crafted right? Same with obliterate or any other card