Force of Nature - A Winter's Wake deck by FYFY (1.74 Kara Winterblade)


Hello guys! FYFY here.

After the expansion was released, I established a goal in the game, which was make it to the S rank using a Wall Vanar deck. After a long experimentation phase, I put this deck to work in the last 2 days playing from Diamond 5 until S Rank with 42 wins and 20 losses. Today, I finally managed to beat my goal, so I wanna share my list with you guys.

Without further ado, I present “Force of Nature”, a Wallnar deck:

The Deck

1.74 Kara Winterblade - Still working and testing stuff with the new BBS. I’ll be updating this list for now on but the deck can be played with both Kara or Faie.

1.73 Faie Bloodwing - The original list featuring Faie.


So, after a lot of testing I finally end up with this list. The idea here is to use Winter’s Wake as a win condition, a few minions who have good sinergy and utility and a lot of spells to control the board.

Hearth - Sister — One of the best utility minions in the game imo. Have good sinergy with Faie BBS for the displacement effect and she becomes a 4/3 with Kara BBS. She also works as a pseudo Daemonic Lure. With a bunch of walls scattered all around, its easy to trap an enemy minion into a corner using Hearth-Sisters.

Aethermaster and Manaforger — Aethermaster fills the 2 drop slot and have good sinergy with Kron. Also, being able to have aditional replace really helps to plan your hand and fish for some core cards (Abjudicator, Wall spells and Winter’s Wake).

Manaforger is really good to summon walls. The 1 mana reduction allows to use the BBS to combo with walls more easily and it’s very good for the others spells in the deck too, specially Cryogenesis, Frostburn and Winter’s Wake of course (if he live long enough).

Shiro Puppydragon — This little boy was always really good with walls, but he becomes a lot more attractive to me with the new Kara BBS. He can’t trade very well having 1 attack, but his effect have a really good synergy with walls and tokens. Add this to the new Kara BBS and your walls becomes a lot more significant on the board.

Abjudicator — The body is lame, but the effect really shines in this deck. Being able to reduce the cost for walls and many other spells is key. 0 mana Aspect of the Fox, 2 mana Cryogenesis and 4 mana Frostburn provide very good control over the board. Things like Gravity Well or Bonechill Barrier into Winter’s Wake at 8 mana is really strong and lethal if the oponnent doesn’t have an answer.

Alcuin Loremaster — This minion is amazing with decks that runs a lot of spells. With him you can spam more walls, reutilize removals and even copy spells from your opponent. He works as a pseudo card draw too, with is nice since this deck can burn your hand quickly sometimes.

Glacial Elemental — This minion is amazing when paired with Bonechill Barrier, and works even better when you have things like Abjudicator for mana reduction and Winter’s Wake to turn the barriers into real threats. Its the only Vespyr in the deck cause i like to have easy acess to him with Cryogenesis.

Inquisitor Kron — Ok, this guy suffered a big nerf in this patch. Having now 4 HP means that he can’t be a frontliner anymore, which was his core function in this deck. However, his effect with the new Kara BBS is very powerfull and you can gain a big amount of value if he manages to survive a couple turns. That means that you must play Kron defensively now, to protect him and utilize his effect instead of his provoke. He can be played in the frontline in a pinch, but with 4 HP he’ll die very, very easily. Nerfs aside, he’s still a pretty good minion.

Jax Truesight — This minion is better than never before with the new Kara BBS. With 7 mana you can have 5 ranged 2/2 THAT DON’T DIE TO BLIZTERING SKORN and this is absolutely beautiful for Vanar. I’m running 1 copy of him (my precious and shiny prismatic) just for some second win condition, as he can close out some games that Winter’s Wake can’t.

Winter’s Wake — This is my favorite card right now, and probably my favorite from the expansion. In the first versions of this deck I used to run 2 of these and some second win condition (Pandora, Dark Nemesis, Jaxi) but I decided to go full retarded and end up with 3 copies of it. And I dont regret at all. I really want to have this card in hand at 8 mana or even before to combo with Abjudicator. And I’m really good to top deck this card, so 3 copies really works for me.



This deck seems weird at first and has a lot of weaknesses (Lightbenders, Skorns, AoE), but its very, very fun to play and gives enormous satisfaction on each victory. I’m really satisfacted with the results of this effort and i really want to see more people playing Wall Vanar, cause its a such unique (and fun!) archetype.


12/10/2016 - Updated the deck list to the current version featuring White Asp.

18/10/2016 - Updated the deck list to the current version: Kara Winterblade, -3 Aethermaster, -3 Inquisitor Kron, +3 Shiro Puppydragon, +3 Dancing Blades

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Library of archetypes?[WIP]

Going to be a while to craft all those legendaries :frowning: I always love wall decks though!

How do you stall early game / versus aggro heavy decks? Since you don’t have showcaser and you’re saving up walls for winter’s wake (and I agree best card ever lol - I only have 1 copy but I get enough wins out of it lol). I’m guessing you just eat face damage until you get Kron up? (and guessing this is a Faie deck?)


Yes, this is a Faie deck :smiley:

The early game its a bit tricky and depends on the matchup. I usually try fish for core cards right in the beginning and try to contest the mana springs with Blazing Spines and Cryogenesis.

Glacial Elemental + Bonechill Barrier really helps in the early game, and its a easy combo to pull off in this deck. Add this to spells like Cryogenesis, Frostburn and Chromatic Cold with mana reduction and you have a decent control in the board.

The provokes from Gravity Well can buy precious time, and its easy to displace things using Hearth Sisters with a bunch of walls scattered all around. And yes, I dont have much fear of eating damage with my general often times (except against things like combohai where every life point makes the diference). I see HP as a resource (like mana) and I often use it to buy time for my Winter’s Wake plays.

You can see a little demonstration in this video review by @scarzig . Its not the current list (I was testing a arcanyst version) but it shows the potential of mana reducted walls and Winter’s Wake.


Many minions… wall are ignored sometimes… Lot of value from Kron…

Does Bastion can make something good in this kind of deck x) ?

But really Kron is an absolute in your deck we can see that. You gain an enormous ammount of tempo from it and replace. This power is amazing.

Edit : I forgot about it but the new artifact create wall no ? That could be an experiment.


I tried Bastion one time but it cost too much tempo, and its easy to play around. Higher HP for walls dont matter that much against dispell.

The new artifact (White Asp) is really cool and all, and I’ve already tested it. Its good, help with trades using your own general (but it’s easy to play around and burns your HP too quickly) but I dont have room in the deck to afford it. I can maybe include it cutting 1x Blazing Spines and 1x Winter’s Wake, but I don’t find White Asp a must in the deck for real.


Ah I was just watching replays on YouTube and watched this last night! Yeah I can definitely see how you develop the early game.

Look forward to eventually testing it!


I added a demonstration video with the current list in the post. It showcases very well how I often play the early game and stall the match until Winter’s Wake como online. Take a look and let me know if you have more questions :smiley:


Thanks! Can really see how the adjudicator-aethermaster-kron setup really help to hold out until mid game, but the the win con looks like it’s set in a small timing window (midrange) - if the opponent is too aggro or delays till late game, the lack of setup / lack of card draw gets you. Or has your experience been otherwise?


Card draw can be a issue for sure, even running Spelljammer in the deck. Its easy to burn your hand with discounted spells from Abjudicator, but I usually just play carefully and try to fish one Spelljammer when I’m running out of steam or even hold one right in the beginning if I start with Abjudicators and a lot of spells in hand.

As for the time window of this deck, in the best case scenario I usually win at 6 mana (Winter’s Wake for 6 mana after 2 Abjudicators). I usually dont fear the late game because I always have at least 1 wall spell discounted (usually Gravity well or Bonechill Barrier for 1 mana). This way I can play the walls and Winter’s Wake at the same turn with 9 mana, and at this point my opponent already spend the majority of his removal arsenal. So I actually have a preference for slow paced games where I can have time to setup my things.

Agressive opponents usually tends to be most troublesome, but I have a pretty decent win rate against decks like Combohai and Pokemon Starhorn. Magmar its the worst matchup by far for this deck and I still managed to win the majority of my matches against them.

This deck also have a good comeback potential. I made a lot of OTKs (20+ HP like that one in the Scarzig video) playing this list, so it can be rushed down, yes, but if the opponent don’t manage to win fast enough, well, he can be in trouble too :smiley:


Hi I think I have everything in this list except for winter’s wake. I am a bit hesitant to craft 3 of those. Do you think 1 or 2 might work? Or would that be very inconsistent? If so which possible replacements can I make for them? Thanks.


Hello! :smiley:

Yes, you can play with 2 copies and some second win condition (Pandora, Dark Nemesis, Jaxi). I used 2 copies in the beginning but ended up with 3 cause I always had the impression that it was better to have a Winter’s Wake in hand because I can generate walls so easily and with Abjudicator Winter’s Wake can come online really fast, so I just decided to go full wall mode.

I think that 1 copy will be inconsistent, cause it’s Winter’s Wake that provides the damage to this deck. I guess that you can start with 2 copies if you want to try it, and then craft that third if you like or need.

There’s an Envybaer deck on Managlow that runs only 1 Winter’s Wake, but as a second win con and its more mid range. Mine is more about control and its entirely made around Winter’s Wake. You can try both, crafting 1 copy of Winter’s Wake to start with Envy’s list. Then if you like the idea of walls killing things you can craft more copies to try my list :smiley:


Thank you very much :smiley: I have faced you 4 days ago and got crushed by this deck.


You’re welcome!

I remember, you was playing Sajj. It was a good match. Bloodfire Totens versus Walls :laughing:


Thanks for the in depth explanation man! Really looking to test out this deck once I get enough spirit!


Wow awesome deck!
Love the wall archetype, but is soo expensive, nned time and dust to make it but is one of the deck that I wanna made from soo long!
Thanks for the share!;D


Hey FYFY, we ran into each other the other day (I was running Lilithe, and you destroyed me with this deck).
What are your thoughts on Aspects of the Mountain?
The walls could make nice candidates, and 6 mana comes earlier.
Is it too expensive for a card that basically works like Holy Immolation?


HI nice deck. I faced a similar deck with lady locke and I got completely destroyed as songhai. What do you think of this card in this deck. It seems pretty solid. The thing is you could only play glacial elemental or lady I guess.


You’re welcome :smiley:

Yes, walls decks are very expensive due to the big amount of legendaries, but its worthy because its a very unique and fun archetype to play!


Hey, I remeber you :smiley: - We added eachother after the match

I don’t own Aspect of the Mountain, thats why I run 2 copies of Frostburn in the list for that nice AoE. Now, I really like Frostburn because it dont depends on positioning and its 1 mana cheaper. Of course, the damage its smaller and it dont have any transform effect attached, but still works wonders for me. I want to craft some copies of Aspect to test it, but until now Frostburn it’s my AoE choice for the deck.


Lady Locke its a really nice card to combo with walls decks, but I guess that its a very personal choice and playstyle dependent. Its like Shiro, they have really good sinergy with walls but are a bit too slow imo. Walls with more stats are really nice, but i already have Winter’s Wake for this.

And its very hard to find space to fit others cards in the current list, so, for this kinda of more control playstyle that I builded, I think that Lady Locke dont offer anything usefull enough to replace any other card in the list.